A Humanitarian Call

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26-27 Maret 2020, Seeing the initial condition of the COVID-19 pandemic entering Indonesia, many COVID-19 cases occur, not only patients who are positive with COVID-19, but also doctors and nurses who are in direct contact to help patients. The lack of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) in handling patients’ positive cases has made doctors, and nurses die while fulfilling their duties. The number of PPE requests from many hospitals throughout Indonesia increased rapidly to exceed the production capacity capable of being produced by PPE producers themselves. Even import efforts have been made, but import requires time for the ordering and shipping process. Whereas the PPE needs in the country are quite urgent every day. A large number of requests for face shields that come from hospitals are so many. Thus it requires more funds for production. Tadeo Benita (the 12th BPH LC Generation) obtained this information from a colleague who was moved to help face shield production and distribute it free of charge to hospitals in need.


These conditions led to LC’s initiative to participate in the fundraising held by our partners through an online posting on the Instagram platform @ivansinarso. In accordance with the vision and mission of the 14th BPH LC Generation, namely Humanitarian in Professionalism, we decided to participate in the fundraising. As professionals in business and education, we should not lose our sense of humanity if there are colleagues who need help. Primarily, this humanitarian call is solely for the benefit of the Indonesian people.

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Through peer-to-peer information via WhatsApp messages, WhatsApp groups, and LC Instagram, we disseminate this information to the Ubaya Postgraduate colleagues. Fundraising was carried out within the remaining two days from the deadline for the collection of funds that have been determined. LC manages the collection of any funds that can be collected from the Ubaya Postgraduate colleagues. Therefore, from March26-27, 2020, funds amounting to Rp. 2,630,011.  were collected to be donated for Face Shield production needs. The results of the collected funds are transferred directly to the account of the Face Shield producer coordinator, Ivan Hartanto Sinarso as co-founder of @ceklab.id. From this experience, we can learn that if a problem is solved together, it will feel lighter to solve it. Not everyone can share a little of the results of his efforts for others. Nevertheless, when we can share sincerely, that is where we will be happier. Although we work in different fields with various perspectives, we must unite for the benefit of the Indonesian people.

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