Adinurani 2015: Fun And Memorable Orientation Activity

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Adinurani Kekompakan Tim di Sesi Outbound
Teamwork and Harmony in Outbound Session

Saturday to Sunday, on August 8th-9th, the new Ubaya Faculty of Business and Economics Postgraduate students (Maharu) joined Adinurani activity themed “Small Pieces That Make The Big Picture”. This activity is one of the events under the Leadership Club (LC) programs. Chaired by Tan Ta Hwe, Adinurani was held at Ubaya Trade Center (UTC) Trawas for 1 night and 2 days.

Adinurani is one of the activities organized by LC and is compulsory for the maharu. “Not just the orientation as it had often done, but in this event, the participants are expected to become a better person and have a solid bond with each other,” said Tan Ta Hwe as Chair of the Adinurani committee.

The Adinurani event brings some values ​​such as motivation, adaptation, and time management which aim to enable the students to apply these values ​​during the lectures and everyday life. In addition, it also applies the value of knowledge, wisdom, and integrity.

The Adinurani event includes the opening of KPS (Head of the Study Program), seminar sessions, outbound, and FAPUS sharing. The opening from KPS delivered a brief explanation about the subjects in the Master of Management and Master of Accounting programs. The seminar sessions were delivered by several speakers. One of them is a seminar about the KWI (Knowledge, Wisdom, and Integrity) delivered by Sujoko Ph.D.

Adinurani Seminar KWI
KWI Seminar delivered by Sujoko Efferin Ph.D


Moreover, the FAPUS (Ubaya Postgraduate Alumni Forum) sharing and outbound were other activities held in this Adinurani. According to most participants, the Adinurani event was very fun and useful. As said by Robin, one of the Adinurani participants, “The seminar sessions were very useful because the presented materials are rarely gained outside”.

“The outbound session was the most memorable session because, besides the games that are fun, it sharpens creativity, teamwork, and logic like on the Right and Wrong Game that must answer a simple math problem,” said Michael Saputra, one of the Adinurani participants.

Overall, the event went well and is expected to give benefits to the participants. VIVA UBAYA MM!

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