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In the Ubaya FBE postgraduate program, it is often found that the students are practitioners who are active in work, entrepreneurship, and also have families. This sometimes becomes a challenge for them to take an active role in the lectures, so some decide to take study leave. It is very unfortunate because this degree is an opportunity to develop one’s capacity. It is hoped that the Covid-19 pandemic conditions will not dampen students’ spirit in learning but still have a good impact on the surrounding environment, especially for the Ubaya FBE postgraduate academic community. Awareness of this need encouraged the 14th Generation Leadership Club to run the Adinurani program (Ajar Budi Dan Asah NuraniTeach Manner and Sharpen Conscience), which is an orientation program for new postgraduate students, with the theme “Urip Iku Urup (Life is light)” with the tagline “Handayani Andum Rahayu“. The concept of the Adinurani event this time is a little different because the event is conducted online. Students from several countries gathered online via zoom media in this Adinurani event that took place from Saturday to Sunday, August 8-9, 2020, from 15.00 to 21.30 Western Indonesian Time (WIB). This activity is expected to provide new students with the individual’s concept that can light up those around them or what is called a human being with the principle of “Urip Iku Urup”. 

Fig. 1. Session About Ubaya Values

As the opening session, the motivation for lifelong learning was initiated by sharing from Dr. Susan Sutedjo, SE, MM, M.Ak., Ak., CA., BKP., ACPA., CPA (Aust.) who emphasizes that motivation to learn should come purely from within oneself because the learning process lasts a lifetime, both academics and lessons about life. For example, as a woman, it is not impossible to carry out two roles at once, as a housewife and also as a career woman. What matters is how we can do time management properly so that we get maximum results. Yeremia Sugianto, S.T., M.M., as former president of the 11th Generation Leadership Club, also added that it is essential to make priorities in completing assignments, campus organization activities, and the portion of time for work. Sometimes, some activities must be sacrificed because of the limited time available, but do not forget to prepare more study time in exchange for the lost time.

Fig. 2. Master of Accounting Session

Then the question arises by Syahir MM 59, who asked whether others have been stuck at some point in their life? The answer from Mrs. Susan is yes because the reality that happens is not always as what we expect, coupled with the weakening judgment from the environment around us. This was confirmed by Rizky Mentari MM 59, who shared his experience when he decided to undertake his Master’s study. Before starting something, we should think about all the risks that might occur and not forget to finish them as a form of personal responsibility from the commitment that has already started. Although Adinurani’s event was carried out online, it did not reduce the enthusiasm of the participants and the committee, especially when entering the introductory game session “Two Truth and One Lie”, where participants had to guess one of the three statements presented to identify the identities of their classmates. The last session on the first day was filled with “Learning Strategy Seminar”, which was divided into two break-out rooms, namely Master of Management and Master of Accounting, delivered by the Head of each study program.

Fig. 3. Master of Management Session

On the second day, new students were provided with the Ubaya FBE Vision and mission as well as the values ​​of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Integrity delivered by Dr. Deddy Marciano, S.E., M.M., CSA., CBC where students are given an overview of the development of the business profession. Towards the era of society 5.0, business people are required to be creative and innovative to think about how to adapt and prepare themselves for future business developments quickly. The last session was prepared to discuss the theme of Adinurani “Urip Iku Urup” by Drs. Wiyono Pontjoharyo, M.M., Ak., C.A., CMA. The importance of seeing obstacles as opportunities for growth and development encourages newcomers to practice the values ​​of “Urip Iku Urup” in their daily lives in order to achieve a state of “Handayani Andum Rahayu”, prosperous and wealthy as before, especially as a provision for students during the pandemic. Adinurani participants were invited to understand the need for collaboration and networking regardless of each participant’s differences or backgrounds.

Not only motivated from a spiritual perspective, but Adinurani participants were also invited to play the “Adinurani Bank” economic game, which contains the essence that decision making in business, especially by leaders, is influenced by many things, including the movement of a country’s economic market, personal perceptions, and differences in point of view, and the impact of previous business decisions. The Adinurani event “Urip Iku Urup” was then closed by a series of introductions to the 15th Generation Leadership Club work program and the announcement of “Cak and Ning Adinurani” as an appreciation to new students who actively participated in the entire series of Adinurani event.

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