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Adinurani 2016 - 1
Optimization of International Journal article Database Session by Sujoko Efferin Ph.D.

In this August, the new Ubaya FBE postgraduate students participated on Adinurani activity themed “Smart Move To The Future”. Adinurani is one of the activities managed by the 7th Leadership Club generation as the Ubaya FBE postgraduate student organization.


Adinurani is a compulsory event for the Ubaya FBE postgraduate new students, which this time attended by Class 51 Master of Management students and Class 16 Master of Accounting students. 

Adinurani event this time brings several values such as time management, better future, Knowledge, Wisdom, and Integrity (KWI). These values are critical in lectures as well as in everyday life. Because to be successful, time management is very important and possess broad knowledge, wisdom, and integrity in attitude.

Chaired by Trias, Adinurani 2016 comes with a slightly different concept from the previous Adinurani activities with the concept of Gamification. The concept makes Adinurani more exciting, where the participants must collect points as a requirement to graduate from Adinurani 2016. Points can be obtained from all activities undertaken by participants during Adinurani. It’s implementation in two different locations, namely the Ubaya campus Surabaya on August 6th, 2016 and Ubaya Training Center (UTC) on August 13th-14th, 2016.

The series of Adinurani event include Campus Rally on August 6th, 2016 from 08.00 to 13.00. Agenda on that day is Socialization of Master of Management and Master of Accounting courses, Optimization of International Journal article database, FAPUS session, and several other sessions.

This session explained how to access the journal easily as needed by the participants, especially the paid journals that can be obtained free of charge by Ubaya students.

And for August 13th-14th, 2016 at UTC Trawas, with the agenda of several seminars and outbound activities. The seminars presented by the speakers were considered very interesting by the participants. Besides exclusive for Adinurani, these seminars can motivate participants for the future.

Adinurani 2016 -2
Seminar about Being a Pleasant Person by Mr. Aris.

Then, there are also outbound and some other activities designed by the committee to encourage participants to be more active. Most participants felt this Adinurani activity was quite useful and fun because the material presented cannot be learned outside. 

“The event is fun, all the sessions are fun”, said Adi as one of the Adinurani 2016 participants.

From the questionnaires distributed at the end of the session, it can be seen that the most memorable session is Outbound, where participants are invited to play, think, cooperate, and work together so that they can go through the challenges.

Sesi Outbound
Outbound Session

Finally, Adinurani 2016 activities were considered quite successful and received a good impression from participants. Thus, the hard work of the committee in designing this activity since May 2016 is not in vain.

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