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The 2021 ADINURANI (Ajar Budi Dan Asah Nurani-Teach Manner and Sharpen Conscience) event, which was held on February 5-6, 2021, carried the theme Chakra Manggilingan, which means that life is dynamic like a spinning wheel, so it takes a strong mentality not to feel high when praised and not fall when cursed. In Sanskrit, Chakra means disc or wheel, while Manggilingan in Javanese means mill, which means rotating or grinding. Thus, the Chakra Manggilingan term is defined as life is like a spinning wheel, combining the meaning of struggle and humble character. In addition, the tagline raised in this activity is Triwikrama, which means to bring together the three strengths that exist within: the past, the present, and the future. By appreciating Triwikrama, one should take good lessons in the past and present to have a better future. 

The ADINURANI event itself lasts for two days using the Zoom application. On the first day held on Friday, February 5, 2021, new students watched the Ubaya introductory video and were given materials about the Ubaya Graduate School’s learning process delivered by each Head of Master program. Speakers who are MM and Maksi alumni were also present to encourage students to develop their soft and hard skills and expand their networking during lectures. The speaker also gave tips about lectures, especially for new students who have other busy activities such as work. At the end of the first day, new students were introduced to the Leadership Club (LC) organization delivered by BPH LCs that share the LC organization. 

Figure 1. Alumni Session

Figure 2. Head of Master programs’ Session

The second day was held on Saturday, February 6, 2021. On this day, students were provided with material related to FBE values ​​, namely knowledge, wisdom, and integrity. In the next session, new students were given materials about the use of various platforms provided by UBAYA, such as ULS, MyUbaya, and Gooaya. In addition, new students were also introduced to Elib to help students make their assignments by finding paid journals. The last material given to new students was related to Cakra Manggilingan in life. In this session, participants were asked to share about Chakra Manggilingan in their respective lives. At the end of the event, participants were asked to testify about the ADINURANI event that took place for two days, and there were two “most impressive participant” awards given to two participants. 

Figure 3. Cakra Manggilingan Session

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