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According to Ki Hajar Dewantara, the objective of education is self-mastery. Self-mastery is an effort that is intended to achieve the education that humanizes humanity (humanization). When students are able to master themselves, they will be able to determine their attitudes so that they will become independent and mature in attitudes. This is a guideline for all educational institutions, especially higher education institutions. However, it is very unfortunate in achieving this objective, a lot of obstacles encountered including the lack of good quality student character including confidence, lack of courage, and the desire to demotivate others in achieving their objectives.

In addressing these problems, the Ubaya Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) Graduate School through the Leadership Club organized the 2020 Adinurani (Ajar Budi Dan Asah Nurani-Teach Manner and Sharpen Conscience) program with the theme “Manunggaling Roso (Manungso)“. This program is expected to be able to facilitate the formation of good quality student character and equip students before starting their study program in Ubaya. With this theme, it is hoped that students will be able to recognize themselves as real human beings. In the Javanese language, Manungso refers to humans, which means Manunggaling Roso, or the place where all things come together. Because to understand life is actually understanding ourselves. By understanding themselves and slowly learning to become a leader who can humanize humanity, the impact is that the lecture activities can run well with sufficient understanding of one’s own plus the commitment to the decisions that have been made, namely doing postgraduate education till the end with good grades.

The Adinurani event was divided into two sessions, namely Session 1 on Tuesday, January 28, 2020, and Session 2 on Saturday and Sunday, February 1-2, 2020. The event with the theme “Manunggaling Roso” is followed by the tagline “Alang-Alang dudu Aling -Aling Margining Kautaman“. The purpose of the tagline is that during the lecture journey to completion, students will surely face many challenges, both related to assignments, organizations, and relationships with other academic communities. The real challenges and problems are the point where someone will grow into a better person. In fact, to achieve the goals required good respect too, namely thinking about how they can win, without having to lower their rivals. The condition is finally chosen by the committee and simulated in this Adinurani event as a debriefing of students while pursuing postgraduate education.

The first session of Adinurani that took place on the Ubaya FBE Postgraduate Auditorium room was begun with remarks from the Ubaya Dean, namely Dr. Putu Anom Mahadwartha., S.E., M.M., CSA then continued with sharing session from alumni delivered by Alex Kurniawan, S.E., M.Ak. and Rico Tedyono S.T., M.Sc., M.M. In the sharing session, Alex said that each person’s motivation for success is influenced by two elements, namely intrinsic and extrinsic. Extrinsic element is an outside influence that makes a person motivated to complete education, while the intrinsic element is an impulse from within human beings themselves, namely the desire to study to the spirit to achieve goals. Sometimes, humans are bound by extrinsic standards and forget the intrinsic elements that should be more important for personal progress. As human beings, we should break the bonds of thought that make study a burden and keep trying to think “out-of-the-box”, outside the minds of many people in general. Then making the priority scale and time management important in solving problems so that in the end students can enjoy the results. In the alumni sharing opportunity, Rico shared more stories about his experiences in participating in strategic management and start-up competitions from national to international levels. This participation helped him and his team practice what they had learned during the lecture by transforming it into the new fintech business idea that he currently develops, namely Communal. 

After the sharing session was held, the event continued with a seminar on learning strategies in higher education delivered by the chairman of each study program, namely Dr. Werner Ria Murhadi, S.E., M.M., CSA. as the chairman of Master of Management and also Dr. Bonnie Soeherman S.E., M.Ak. from the chairman of Master of Accounting. They conveyed the strategy of studying in higher education institutions, including a brief explanation of the majors taken by new students, lecture requirements, and regulations, as well as a variety of compulsory and elective courses. Moreover, both also explained the Vision and Mission of each department to strengthen the choice of new students to study at the Ubaya. 

Figure 1. Adinurani Opening

The second session of Adinurani took place on the Ubaya Campus III, namely Ubaya Training Center, Trawas. The event, which was dominated by team activity went well. The first day of Adinurani session 2 began with sharing the Ubaya FBE core values of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Integrity and then continued with the product presentation class by Dr. Werner Ria Murhadi, S.E., M.M., CSA. and the Be a Prestigious and Responsible Person material session delivered by Ms. Liliana Inggrit Wijaya M.M., RFP-I., CFP., AEPP. Afterward, new students were invited to conduct outbound activities that required good cooperation and interaction in the team to complete the game for each post that took the Pandawa character theme and ended with a debriefing of the essential message of each game.

The main session of “Manunggaling Rasa” was delivered by Dr. Drs. Wiyono Pontjoharyo M.M., Ak., CMA., where students were invited to share life experiences before entering postgraduate lectures, how they face challenges, respond to differences of opinion, and give correct responses in behaving towards others. Collegiality among students was also formed well through the collaboration of talent shows from each team that complements each other.

The second day of Adinurani was continued with “Positive Attitude in Negative Situation” material presented by Dr. Bonnie Soeherman S.E., M.Ak.. The session was interspersed with the introduction of the Leadership Club organization and then closed with an appreciation for the groups of participants who had gone through a series of activities enthusiastically and cheerfully. Appreciation was given in the form of parcel prizes to make participants happy and can capture the essence of the appreciation form. The committee also selected King and Queen for the Adinurani event as an appreciation for participants who were active in the second session of Adinurani. Therefore, the Adinurani event in the future s expected to be able to help students achieve the values ​​instilled by the Ubaya, to produce strong leaders in the process, wise in attitude and decision making by not forgetting the values ​​of Indonesian culture.

Figure 2. Adinurani Activities: Teamwork
Figure 3. Adinurani Activities: Teamwork

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