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In the recent era, education becomes an important point for every individual to achieve life welfare. The Ubaya Faculty of Business and Economics (Ubaya FBE) Postgraduate program welcomes students from various backgrounds to understand contemporary business practices. It is expected that the Ubaya FBE Postgraduate graduates and its alumni can become entrepreneurs and create more jobs in the future. The development of the character and behavior of good business leaders is expected to have a positive impact and make the organization and its environment more beautiful, not only literally, but also inwardly. However, some problems also hinder the creation of leader character, namely the ego that prioritizes self-interest and becomes a poison that damages relationships between people and the environment.

To overcome these problems, The Ubaya FBE Postgraduate program organized an Adinurani (Ajar Budi Dan Asah NuraniTeach Manner and Sharpen Conscience) event as a matriculation program before starting the semester and in shaping the character of students. This time, the Adinurani theme was chosen considering problems that occur in the student environment by using tulodho ing budaya (examples in culture). This Adinurani event was held in 2 sessions, Session 1 on August 1, 2019 and Session 2 on August 3 – 4, 2019, with the theme “Satriyatama Tosan Aji” and tagline “No More Ego, Together We Go”. The theme aims to beautify life in the world through the noble character of each individual. In general, Satriyatama refers to an affirmation or a knight as a role model. While, Tosan Aji signifies noble objects or heirlooms made of iron, such as a dagger that represents the archipelago. Keris (Indonesia’s dagger is considered as a representation of the archipelago because almost every region in the archipelago has Keris but with different patterns and shapes). In addition, Tosan Aji himself also implies the meaning of greatness, courage, and mentality like iron which will continue to be forged to become a more meaningful figure and although iron changes its form into another form, it is still a lump of iron. The Keris philosophy reminds us of the meaning of loving local culture.

Realizing this is not something easy, therefore humans need to recognize their self-poison, the existence of these poisons and try to overcome or deal with them. Then together act wisely and unconditionally to devote his work to the world. The Adinurani event with the theme “Satriyatama Tosan Aji” is intended to foster noble or good character and caring attitude towards others so that human relations, especially among the Ubaya FBE Postgraduate students can be well connected, bringing happiness in living a university life with complementing the strengths and weaknesses of one another until all students graduate.

The first session of Adinurani took place at the Ubaya FBE Postgraduate auditorium. The Adinurani was opened by the Ubaya FBE Vice Dean, Dr. Dudi Anandya, S.T., M.Sc. Afterward, the seminar continued with an alumni sharing session by Dr. Teddy Reiner Sondakh, S.Psi., S.H., M.Hum. and Alex Kurniawan, S.E., M.Ak. In the alumni sharing session, Alex said that during the class there will be many group assignments so that students need to have good time management and good teamwork in order to achieve maximum results. Then the sharing session continued by Dr. Teddy as chairperson of the Ubaya FBE Postgraduate Alumni Association whose highlighted the importance of forming networking among students and alumni. Mr. Teddy also said that in building a network, sincerity is needed from the heart because a network that is built from the heart will survive and be a helper when involved in problems. There is no difference between alumni or students because all are the Ubaya big family.

After sharing session, the event continued with a seminar on learning strategies in higher education by the Ubaya FBE Head of Master of Accounting study program, Dr. Bonnie Soeherman S.E., M.Ak. He pointed out a learning strategy in university, including a brief explanation of what type of course new students are taking, lecture requirements and regulations, as well as various compulsory and elective courses. The vision and mission of each department increasingly strengthen the choice of new students in undertaking their study period in Ubaya.

The second session that took place on the Ubaya Campus III namely Ubaya Training Center (UTC) located in Trawas, East Java went well. Debriefing was done by providing material with a sharing model and accompanied by physical activities such as outbound. In this Adinurani session 2, Dr. Bonnie delivered the introduction of the Ubaya  FBE values  namely Knowledge, Wisdom, and Integrity (KWI). The university expects all students to have integrity and wisdom in their behavior so that they can become superior leaders and not judge something using only one eye. He also delivered the Seven Happiness session that happiness is not measured by things. Dr. Bonnie invited participants to realize and appreciate the smallest kindness that can bring happiness. To achieve a common goal, it is necessary to have cooperation, care, and put aside the ego in order to create solid teamwork as stated by Aris Surya Putra S, E., M.Ak. in the “Teamwork” session. In that session, Aris gave games to students to practice teamwork. In addition, he also highlighted the essence of each game and outbound that had been played by students. The outbound presented by the committee reflects elements of Indonesian culture.

This is in line with the theme of Adinurani this time, “Satriyatama Tosan Aji” which is an effort to beautify life in the world through the noble character of each individual. All people are advised to maintain the beauty of the world, physically and spiritually, so that a common goal can be achieved as stated in the “Satriyatama Tosan Aji” session. The session was hosted by Dr. Drs. Wiyono Pontjoharyo M.M., Ak., CMA., who is familiarly called as Dr. Pontjo. Dr. Pontjo asked the participants to recognize Indonesia through the characteristics of several tribes represented in the names of the participant groups. This is intended to make Adinurani participants aware that Indonesia is a very multicultural country, as is the Ubaya. So students must be able to tolerate these differences and get rid an obstacle for students to get along and work together during the lecture period in the Ubaya FBE Postgraduate program as expressed by Dr. Werner Ria Murhadi, SE, MM, CSA. Besides, Dr. Werner emphasized that with the various cultural elements and values ​​of the Indonesian culture, people can adopt them into their daily lives and make a basis that can help in the work ethic and professionalism in society.

The event was concluded with an appreciation for the groups of participants who went through a series of activities enthusiastically and cheerfully. Appreciation in the form of parcel prizes makes participants happy and captures the essence of the appreciation form. The Adinurani event is expected to help students in achieving the values ​​instilled by the Ubaya, to create leaders who are wise and full of Indonesian cultural values.


Figure 1. Adinurani Session 1 Group Photo


Figure 2. Participants enjoying outbound activities


Figure 3. Participants enjoying outbound activities

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