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Group photo after Adinurani Session I

Demands for the development of the times, make the education institutions increasingly vigorous in producing graduates who excel and innovate for the surrounding community. One critical characteristic as a graduate is the character of leaders who pay attention to and beautify their environment, by creating harmony in life and maintaining the integrity of the world. This is in line with the principles of tulodho ing culture (exemplary in culture). The University of Surabaya answers the need for the formation of the character of the leader through the ADINURANI (Teach Manner and Sharpen Conscience) program to the new Faculty of Business and Economics postgraduate students. The debriefing took the theme “Memayu Hayuning Bawana“, one of the philosophies or noble values of Javanese culture which means beautifying the beauty of the world. Besides, debriefing also includes knowledge of knowledge, wisdom, and integrity which are the main values of the Faculty of Business and Economics. The Adinurani program was divided into two sessions. The first session was held on January 29, 2019, and the second session took place on February 2-3, 2019.

The first session was the introduction of the Faculty of Business and Economics Postgraduate Program to new students. New students get to know the Chair of the Study Program from their two chosen departments, namely Dr. Putu Anom Mahadwartha, S.E., M.M., CSA., as Head of Master of Management and Mr. Bonnie Soeherman, S.E., M.Ak. as Head of Master of Accounting. 

The first session began with remarks from Mr. Suyanto, S.E., M.Ec.Dev., Ph.D. as the Dean of the University of Surabaya’s Faculty of Business and Economics. He conveyed the problem of being a Postgraduate student in productive working age, namely the difficulty of managing time. But the most important thing is controlling yourself, being able to choose which ones are the priorities and which ones are the best. Next is a sharing session with Postgraduate alumni, namely Mr. Dr. Teddy Reiner Sondakh, S.Psi., S.H., M.Hum., which stated the importance of forming networking among students and alumni. He said that the alumni of the University of Surabaya Postgraduate were hands-on and willing to support the activities of students as long as they had good and clear goals. Mr. Teddy also said that building networking needed sincerity from the heart. Because, a connection that is built from the heart, will survive and be a helper when involved in problems. There is no difference between alumni or students, because all of them are members of the University of Surabaya’s extended family.

The sharing session was then delivered by Mr. Alex Kurniawan, S.E., M.Ak. who gave tips before the lecture began. Mr. Alex urges new students to dream as high as possible, where students need to get out of their comfort zone. New students also need to interpret the goals of their Postgraduate life at the University of Surabaya’s Faculty of Business and Economics. Clear goals will help students not be stressed and able to determine their priorities. Mr. Alex said that his perspective changed when he tried to make things better, not stick to profit, even though it did require profit. Then all new students are moved to two different rooms based on the direction they take. Mr. Putu Anom and Mr. Bonnie each delivered a strategy to study in the study program. The strategy includes a brief explanation of what majors new students take, the requirements and rules of the lecture, as well as a variety of compulsory and elective subjects. The vision and mission of each department further strengthen the choice of new students in taking a period of study with the University of Surabaya.

The second session which took place at the University of Surabaya’s third campus, namely Ubaya Training Center (UTC), located in Trawas, East Java, took place smoothly. Debriefing was delivered by providing material with a sharing model and accompanied by physical activities such as outbound. 

The material presented by the lecturer was delivered interestingly, as well as with a theme suitable for young leaders of the future. The first material is the Know Yourself, Pitfall, Weakness, and Care session, which was delivered by Mr. Drs.ec. Sujoko Efferin, M.Com (Hons), M.A., Ph.D. who emphasizes on the recognition and understanding of oneself, and does not vent all errors on the other side, because one cause can come from within. Therefore, the session teaches students to be mindful, accept their good and bad sides and to be aware. Mr. Sujoko said, that often, our minds move like a train, and sometimes the train stops, giving rise to feelings of annoyance, sadness, and discomfort. Generally, when faced with such thoughts, humans try to forget them or think of other things. Mindful teaches us to accept such thoughts, realize it, acknowledge the energy or reaction that arises, then we can see objectively and the thoughts drag on will disappear. The session continued with various types of meditation, such as sitting meditation, eating meditation, and walking meditation outdoors and enjoying the UTC environment. Students acknowledge the existence of change and more sensitivity when undergoing mindfulness, even when eating.

Debriefing sessions on becoming a leader who is responsible for himself, others, and the universe continues into the second session. “KWI Deepening Talk Show” presented by Dr. Bonnie Soeherman, S.E., M.Ak. discussed more detailed about Knowledge, Wisdom, and Integrity (KWI) as well as the values ​​adopted by Ubaya. Ubaya expects all its students to have these values ​​so that they can become superior leaders and not easily judge one eye. KWI makes students more objective, seeing everything from the positive and negative sides. 

Especially in the political season, so much negative propaganda can cause hoaxes and lead to mass opinion. KWI equips us to continue to innovate with knowledge rationally, be wise to various issues and support cooperation and a sense of trust in others, and are committed to the choice and chosen profession.

Not only the values in KWI, but debriefing about the values of “Memayu Hayuning Bawana” was also conveyed to become wise leaders by understanding the pitfalls. The material was delivered by Dr. Drs. Wiyono Pontjoharyo, M.M., Ak., CMA. The love of Mr. Wiyono Pontjoharyo for the values in local culture was expressed in a brief story of the Ramayana puppet. Especially because students were invited to watch the story as another perspective so that there is harmony in each character, not fixated on the nature of the character depicted in black and white before. New students became more interested in Indonesian indigenous culture stories because many wise values were contained.

Mindful debriefing continued on the second day with the “The Root of Empathy,” where Mr. Bonnie Soeherman, S.E., M.Ak. invites us to realize and appreciate the slightest kindness. He also told about Dewaruci, who taught that we often feel that problems are from outside, without realizing that the problem is ourselves. Dewaruci also teaches not to be concerned with ego and caring about the surroundings. Being a future leader requires teamwork skills because leaders cannot stand alone. The session “Together is Better Than One” which emphasized teamwork was delivered by Aris Surya Putra S.E., M.Ak. Mr. Aris invited all new students and organizers to cooperate in several games. He said that learning through games was considered more effective in instilling values such as trust, cooperation, and mutual responsibility in running games.

Group Photo of Adinurani Session II


Adinurani’s activities “Memayu Hayuning Bawana” finally ended with giving prizes and awards to six categories. The assessment was based on observations by the Committee for two days and one-night Adinurani Session 2 at Ubaya Training Center. This activity was expected to benefit and prepare new students before undergoing their lecture life at the Ubaya Faculty of Business and Economics Postgraduate, to make them future leaders who are insightful, objective, wise, have integrity, and care for the universe.


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