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The Industrial Revolution 4.0-IR 4.0 (even starting to move to the 5.0 Industrial Revolution for some countries) requires the industrial world to make several changes concerning the implementation of business processes. The IR 4.0 that is also called the digital era, allows for digital integration between business processes that take place in real time with the help of the internet. The challenges posed by digitalization have encouraged Indonesia to innovate in the business world they do. One of the strategies that are widely applied is the strategy of forming personal branding, which is a method of forming a brand/business image (even oneself) to create special characteristic in the eyes of consumers. This can be transformed into a reflection of the company’s reputation in the eyes of the community, which ultimately affects the sustainability of its business.

Since the end of 2019, the Covid-19 pandemic has spread across the globe and affected many sectors, including the economic sector. The world finally took the decision to adapt to this condition and began to apply the concept of “New Normal” life, which is to carry out life processes as before the pandemic but with adjustments to health protocols. This condition then led to the initiative for LC to organize a webinar activity “Authentic Personal Branding in the New Normal” as a means for business people who are interested in understanding about personal branding, especially tips on building personal branding in the midst of a digital era that is constantly changing and towards the concept of “new normal” life.

This webinar activity that took place on Saturday, August 1 2020 at 3 pm, was opened by the Ubaya Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) Dean, Dr. Putu Anom Mahadwartha, and delivered by several speakers, namely Rina Novita, as PT. Digital Network Aesthetic (DNA Productions) CEO, Andi Fadly Ariffudin (Fadly PADI), and Rian Ekky Pradipta (Rian D’Masiv), as well as moderated by Aris Surya Putra, SE, M.Ak., as the Ubaya FBE lecturer and Director of Student Affairs. The event began with a video profile of DNA Productions, followed by a material entitled “10 Golden Rules of Personal Branding” by Mrs. Rina Novita. It takes a long time to build a good personal branding in the eyes of the community. The fear of failure often prevents a person from succeeding. It takes focus and consistency in doing many things as the implications of the vision and mission of everyone in the business. When consistency meets opportunities that can be executed properly, success stories will occur. Learning from the many great people in business is important, but personal characteristics shouldn’t be ignored. Leave a good legacy for the next generation and let other people tell you about your success, that’s what can be concluded as personal branding.

fig 1. documentation of activities

The personal branding that is built will be a reflection of how people recognize a brand and can be a shield in facing negative issues that come. According to Fadly PADI, supporting each other’s business partners is important. The PADI band strives to be consistent and continues to show tangible actions and results, regardless of negative netizen opinions. According to Rian D’masiv, the personal branding he had previously built through the band D’masiv was very helpful in developing the culinary business he is currently running, because he is already known as “Rian D’Masiv”. The D’masiv band worked together to nurture “D’masiv as a brand, not just a band”. But going forward, Rian will continue to try to separate “Rian D’masiv” from “Rian Ekky Pradipta” regarding personal branding because they are in different portions. Moreover, Fadly, who has a hydroponic plant business added that it is important to show the benefits of our business to the community so that people will always be “loyal” to our business and the business we run will grow by itself.

Then what if we face public rejection of your brand? The question from Mr. Aris was answered by the speakers with their respective critical points. Mrs. Rina emphasized that it is important to be “genuine” in creating personal branding. Meanwhile, Fadly said that building a “trust” to get people’s hearts is important, because when the heart is touched, the community will accept the existing brand more.  Rian also added that other people do not need to be considered as competitors, but as encouragement, because we can learn from them.

At the end of the event, this webinar was concluded by a beautiful voice from Fadly PADI by singing a verse of the song entitled “Harmony” and Ryan D’Masiv who sang the chorus of the song “Jangan Menyerah”. It implies the deep meaning of the two songs, that there are many lessons that we can take from the life story of each person in order to achieve harmony in life. Realizing that life is a gift from the Almighty God enables humans to live it with gratitude to the Almighty God.

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