Learning Accountability from “Superhero Zaman Now”

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Dr. Bonnie Soeherman, S.E., M.Ak. and Mr. Agus Sutikno at the seminar

Friday, June 29, 2018, X-Generation Leadership Club holds an inspiring seminar at the 5th floor Ubaya Library building, Ubaya Tenggilis Campus. The seminar entitled “Accou(ntability) and the Creator: The Distorted Spirit of Luca Pacioli” was attended by 80 participants from various parties, not only from the Ubaya academic community but many general participants who were interested in learning from this event. The main speaker of this seminar was a priest namely Agus Sutikno. Dr. Bonnie Soeherman, S.E., M.Ak. acting as a moderator and speaker to explain the relationship between the services carried out by Mr. Agus Sutikno and accountability.

The seminar opened with remarks from Andrean Kisima Oei, S.Psi as President of X-Generation Leadership Club followed by the first session with the deeper excavation of activities carried out by Mr. Agus Sutikno, a rocker-style “eccentric” pastor with tattoos on his face. This figure is known with the nickname of a street pastor or recently a new nickname that is superhero zaman now. The tattoo that we saw on his face depicted the darkness of his life in his childhood, it also could not be separated from domestic violence experienced by his father. This man who was born in Probolinggo on August 17, 1975, was different from most pastors who preached from one church to another church. He dedicated his life to serving disadvantaged and marginalized people such as sex workers, street children, transgender people to drug addicts in the area of ​​Semarang, Central Java. Despite a lot of ridicule and temptation that tried to shake the heart to leave the service, Mr. Agus Sutikno possesses firm dedication because of his focus on God, not on logic or the brain seeking profit for himself.

When this event was promoted even before the program began, many were curious about what the relationship between accountability and a street pastor. However, all the questions in the minds of the participants were answered thoroughly with all the explanations given by Mr. Bonnie. In the second session, Mr. Bonnie gave a further explanation of the origin of accounting from a figure namely Luca Pacioli whom we know as the Father of Accounting. Luca Pacioli portrays accounting from a different perspective through the Good Merchant Principle, which consists of trustworthiness, good bookkeepers, and systematic arrangements. In essence, from these principles, we can understand that we must remember God, our creator. The form of distortion that we encounter around us is the focus that is no longer on God but on “me”, a form of selfishness to seek personal gain. Accountability in the accounting world has been seen to be blurred because of economic law that contradicts the law of karma.

Many deviations occur when making financial statements and others. More broadly, actually accountability is not only a matter of accounting, but the business world as a whole. Like drinks in the form of tea, coffee, fruit juice, and syrup, all of which come from water, all kinds of science whether in the form of science or social come from God that gives intellect to humans.

Dr. Drs. Wiyono Pontjoharyo, M.M., Ak., CMA and Mr. Agus Sutikno with committee


Before the event ended, Dr. Drs. Wiyono Pontjoharyo, M.M., Ak., CMA. also gave his response which reaffirmed that what had been done by Mr. Agus Sutikno was a form of application of true accountability and reflected God’s accountant. The essence of all the actions we do every day is for God. We will never know how long God gives us time to live in this world and we must return that time to God. From there, Mr. Pontjo advised all those present at this event to find God in our lives so that we all fully realize that the actions we take can we focus on to account for what God has given us to glorify the name of God. Hopefully what we have learned from this event can be a reflection for all of us.

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