Best of The Best di Master Journey in Management 2015

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In 2015, Universitas Indonesia once again organized a prestigious competition at the postgraduate level, known as Master Journey in Management (MJM). In the MJM, postgraduate students compete to solve real business cases, where this year took the theme of “Surviving in Dynamic Environment: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities”. This case consists of the problems faced by the BPJS Health Insurance Company.

In the first round, 46 teams from postgraduate programs nationwide participated in the competition. After making a written report, then 6 teams qualified for the Best of The Best round and shall present in front of the practitioners and academics in Universitas Indonesia. One Ubaya team that successfully qualified is the Veni Vidi Vici team consisting Yongky Carlie G, Wicaksono Putro (Sony), and Riana Rahmawati who are all the Ubaya MM students.

The team is mentored by two lecturers Dr. Werner R. Murhadi and Dr. Dudi Anandya, who also managed to bring the Ubaya MM team to win the same MJM 2014 event. The team successfully presented its papers and able to answer the questions well. After all teams presented the papers in front of the judges, the MJM 2015 winner was announced.

In 2015, the Ubaya MM team won the 1stplace, the ITB MM team won the 2ndplace, and the UGM MM team won the 3rdplace. This result makes the Ubaya MM team successfully defended the first winner for two years in a row.

We definitely hope that in the next few years, this achievement can be maintained.

Viva Ubaya MM!

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