Break the Fast Together & Social Service: Unite our Heart, Share Together

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In this blessed month of Ramadan, the 9th Leadership Club (LC) held a break the fast event with postgraduate students, alumni, the head of study programs, and Ubaya academic community, with the theme “Unite Our Heart, Share Together“ on Monday, June 19th, 2017. Chaired by Bambang Harjo, the event was held to strengthen the bonds, as well as raise donations to share with the needy.

Group photo after the event


After breaking fast together, the audience listened to a religious story by Dr. Sugeng Hariadi, S.E., M.Si, (Ubaya FBE Economics lecturer). He stressed out that the month of Ramadan is an abundant month of forgiveness, all our charity and worship will be directly written by God and God Himself will multiply blessings and graces to His people who can and properly carry out the charity, worship, and fasting. Fasting is also a mandatory worship in the Qur’an. By fasting, a person will consciously be more able to withstand all passions and be more patient to restrain emotions, although it may feel difficult doing it. He also regrets the existence of sweeping which prohibits eating places open during Ramadan and emphasizes the importance of mutual respect regardless of background, status, religion, race and skin color. The event was closed with the sharing of experience from Class 42 MM alumni and photo together.a.

Left: Sharing of MM42 Alumni. Right: Break the fast together


On Wednesday, June 21st, 2017, donations were handed over to the Muhammadiyah Medokan Ayu Orphanage located at Medokan Asri MA 1 Block P No 25 YKP Rungkut Surabaya. The orphanage has 25 oprhans and 81 non-orpahns, with average toddlers from 1 month to primary school age. Donations collected amounted to Rp. 2,559,900 with details 2,194,900 are in the form of goods and the remaining 365,000 is in the form of money. Donated goods include diapers, rice, and also other needs for toddlers because there are many babies and toddlers in this orphanage.

Social Services at Muhammadiyah Medokan Ayu

Thanks for all the donations. Sharing is caring.

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