Business and Spirituality Seminar “Can Business and Spirituality be united?”

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Nowadays, there is a lot of discussion about spirituality in both life and work. But the question is whether a business that is very closely related to profit and money can utilize the value of spirituality? Most business people are profit-oriented that certainly forms the mindset in society that business for profit can do everything. While spirituality is a principle that is certainly very opposite to the materialistic principle above, then how can a business instill spirituality? Ubaya Master of Management and Master of Accounting held a Business and Spirituality seminar on Friday, February 22, 2019, at the Ubaya Postgraduate Auditorium. This seminar was delivered by three speakers namely Kusno Sugeng Wongsodirdjo, MBA.B.Sc.ISE., Mohammad Zaim, and Prof. Wibisono Hardjopranoto M.S.

The first session began by Kusno Sugeng Wongsodirdjo, MBA.B.Sc.ISE., who is a business practitioner that try to answer this question from a business perspective. According to him, business and spirituality are difficult things to unite but not something impossible to unite. Kusno argues that spirituality is not only a relationship to the above but also a horizontal relationship with fellow human beings. To achieve a spirituality business, business people must have the keyword of patience. The meaning of patience in business is self-control. Self-control here reflects that businessmen who own a lot of material must not forget the principle of humanity in their business.

The second session was presented by Mohammad Zaim, who is the author of “Secangkir Teh dan Sepotong Ketupat” (a cup of tea and a piece of Ketupat) explained that in this life, we are walking on a spiritual path. The spiritual path is a way to find eternal happiness. Eternal happiness is not obtained from worldly things. The essence of the spiritual path is how we can keep positive emotions from arising in us. Zaim stated that in every religion and tradition, there must be a figure of spirituality with full of love that inspires the world. According to Zaim, in this world, there are only people who are already good and towards the good. One attains a higher spirituality when being able to not distinguish humans. When we have the intention to humanize humanity and respect nature, it means we are headed for spirituality. Spirituality will make us calmer and “counter” bad emotions that will affect us. Spiritual instruments can be of various kinds and the most important is the experience that we have yourself.

The last session was presented by Prof. Wibisono Hardjopranoto M.S. as a business lecturer and practitioner who talked about business and spirituality. According to Wibisono, business is a collection or collectivity of individuals who live in a changing environment, providing products for others with the motive of achieving financial prosperity. According to him, the business should not just accept something just by looking for wealth, therefore, moral guidance is needed to guide the business. In other words, every business is required to be socially responsible. Organizations that will be sustainable are organizations that can adapt. For business people, spirituality takes the role of a moral/ethical guide for the business. Organizational culture places morals and ethics as values ​​and role models for goals, strategies, and behavior and with artifacts as art that reflects them.

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