Business Visit: Ensuring Business Sustainability by Adjusting Situations

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Leadership Club once again held another Business Visit from Friday, January 27 to Saturday, January 28, 2023. The Business Visit event to PT Victoria Care Indonesia Tbk. was attended by students and lecturer representatives: Dianne Frisko K.S.E., M.Ak., Ph.D. and Dr. Werner Ria Murhadi S.E., M.M., CSA, CIB, CRP.

PT Victoria Care Indonesia Tbk (VICI) is a cosmetics and toiletries company that was founded in 1988 and went public on the Indonesia Stock Exchange on December 17, 2020. Some of its famous brands are Miranda (hair care), Herborist (body care), Nuface (skincare), and Victoria (perfume). The company also exports its products to other Asian markets in Japan, China, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, and Hong Kong. The activities carried out during the visit were a laboratory tour, production process tour, Oemah Herborist mini museum and theater, product knowledge, a discussion session, and visiting Oemah Herborist outlet. During the laboratory and production area tour, participants were required to wear uniforms that had been prepared by the company, namely laboratory coats, headgear, and footwear. In this tour, participants were given knowledge about the tools used in the laboratory, the types of laboratories, the product development process, and the production process starting from preparing raw materials, mixing, labeling, filling, and product packaging. After the tour was completed, it continued with visiting the Oemah Herborist mini museum and theater, which has the history of the materials and tools used by the company, followed by a discussion session by Mrs. Iik, who explained the company’s track record, the situation of companies that are getting tougher in the digital era, the reasons why they have to go digital, and the VICI and digitalization processes. Before completing the industrial visit, the host provided a little product knowledge of some of the company’s superior products and could make purchases at the Oemah Herborist outlet. The event’s second day began with a visit to one of the tourist sites in Semarang, Semilir Hamlet. Here, participants saw the management of a relatively large tourist attraction in the Bawean Semarang area.

The business visit is part of immersion activities that bring students closer to recognizing practices in the business and industrial world so that students can see how management science is applied in the real world.

Figure1. Group Photo at PT Victoria Care Indonesia Tbk.

Figure 2. Handover of souvenirs.

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