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Group photo

The impression of “Stunning Bandung” is embedded in the hearts of National Business Visit participants which is a regular program of Ubaya FBE Postgraduate Program. Chaired by Klara Petra from the Class 51 MM generation, the business visit presented different concept than before which only visited companies in East Java area. The event themed “MAKE INNOVATION HAPPEN” began on May 21st, until 23rd, 2017 with a total of 28 participants.

On the first day, all participants visited Trans Studio Mall (TSM). As the largest and the biggest theme park in Indonesia with 20 game types split into 3 areas with unique themes namely Lost City that brings exciting adventure experience, Lost City that brings exciting adventure, Magic Corner that is fascinating with magical and extraordinary performances, and Studio Central which features idol figures like Jeng Kelin and Charlie Chaplin. After one day of playing, the participants went to a hotel to take a break.

The second day began with visiting PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia or commonly called “Telkom” which has a mission to lead in digital innovation and go global. Visiting the Digital Service division, participants discussed 3 interesting topics in which the first topic chaired by Tri Wulan who talks about the history of Digital Services division and the presence of Bandung Digital Valley (BDV) as a means for innovators who are interested in developing digital applications. Followed by Anna Mulyani who discussed the importance of managing Big Data for a business.

The last discussion delivered by Johanes Adi who discussed the Indigo program framework which will provide substantial funding for innovators whom successfully conquered 5 validation stages, including customer, product, business model, market, and value. The discussion concluded with a token presentation by Adhicipta Raharja Wirawan as a lecturer of Talentpreneurship course to Johanes Adi. The second-day activity continued with riding Bandros around Bandung, stopping at Satay building (Gedung Sate), and visiting Geology Museum. During the Bandros riding, a tour guide explained Bandung’s historical information in a very interactive way.


Group photo with Johanes Adi in Bandung Digital Valley


A sunny weather opened the last day of the visit to Bandung. Before returning to Surabaya, the participants visited a Farmhouse. This natural tourist spot is well known for having an innovative tourism concept in Bandung city. Exciting experiences and impressions stuck in every participant’s mind.

Christian Hendrawarhana from Class 16 Master of Accounting said, “We learned many things like how to make a hobby to be serious, and seriously become a start-up business innovation. The process that we learned from this BV is to balance seriousness and hobby to minimize get stress and also enjoy the activity. Education with fun at the same time,” he said.

Thank you Ubaya, Thank you Bandung.

Group Photo at Farmhouse

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