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agrowisata1Business Visit Preparation to Kusuma Agrowisata

Sunday, June 5th, 2016, the 7th Leadership Club (LC) generation held a Business Visit Goes to Kusuma Agro Batu themed “Generate Brand Equity to Gain Customer Loyalties”. Kusuma Agrowisata is one of the leading pioneers of agrotourism in Indonesia with a fairly unique tourism object of fruit picking in apple, strawberry, guava, orange, and even vegetable garden. This activity was attended by approximately 50 participants consisting of Class 49 & 50 Master of Management students and Class 13 & 15 Master of Accounting students and alumni.

Penjelasan materi oleh Bapak Rudy

Arriving at Kusuma Agro, the delegation was welcomed by Rudy Setiawan as Kusuma Agrowisata training manager. A brief remark delivered by the Chairman of the Business Visit committee, Fiorencius Franantya, and Dr. Bonnie Soeherman as the Head of Master of Accounting study program.

It is then preceded with a presentation regarding the history of the Kusuma Agrowisata  management system, brand equity, and business potential in agriculture by Rudy. “Agriculture business that is packaged in the form of agrotourism has a promising future prospect; this can be seen with the prominent growing of Kusuma Agro business by expanding its line of division. One example is apple juice, at first the apples are not picked by visitors because of small size; the company utilized them to be an innovative product that has more economic value. Now, the distribution is growing, up to several cities outside East Java.”

After the explanation given by Kusuma Agrowisata, the participants looked very enthusiastic which can be seen from a number of participants who ask questions. One of the participants, namely Evan Favian asked about Kusuma Agrowisata brand value in the eyes of society.

Penyerahan Plakat oleh Bapak Bonnie kepada Bapak Rudy
Souvenir Appreciation from Dr. Bonnie to Mr. Rudy

Mr. Rudy responded, “A lot of people want to market new products using the Kusuma Agrowisata brand, it signifies that our brand has a good brand value and trusted by the society. It is definitely related to the customer loyalty to products and services of Kusuma Agrowisata as one leading agrotourism in the field of agriculture.”

He added, “In order to deal with recent severe agrotourism competition, we dynamically carry out some innovation every few periods. Besides, we also conduct social activities by providing various trainings to farmers around Kusuma Agrowisata aims to keep the good relations and create harmony in a sustainable manner.” The visit was concluded by a token presentation by Dr. Bonnie Soeherman to Mr. Rudy Setiawan and a group photo session with all participants.

The next session was the most awaited session that allows all participants to enjoy the beautiful view of the mountain and apple garden of Kusuma Agrowisata. Participants were enthusiastic as they can directly pick apples. The visit which lasted for approximately 3 hours has provided invaluable experience and insight about how a company maintaining its brand equity to increase customer loyalty to the company.

Kegiatan memetik apel oleh peserta Business visit
Apple picking activity by participants


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