Business Visit PT. Sariguna Prima Tirta (CLEO)

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On November 18th, 2015, the Ubaya FBE postgraduate program had an opportunity to conduct a  Business Visit where this year the visit goes to PT. Sariguna Prima Tirta (CLEO). It is a Bottled Water Company or often called AMDK located in Pandaan. The visit themed “DRIVING VALUE CREATION TO GAIN COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE” was attended by approximately 50 participants and chaired by Yunita from Class 13 Master of Accounting program.


The visit began at 08.30. Once they arrived in the location, all participants were greeted with a warm and friendly welcome by Mr. Yusuf as the Manager of PT. Sariguna Prima Tirta (CLEO). The welcoming speech was delivered by Mr. Yusuf as CLEO representative and Dr. Putu Anom as the Head of Master of Management program. The visit was then continued with various company profile information such as number of branches of the company located in Indonesia, packaging used, the production process of drinking water treatment including the tests performed (such as microbiology, chemistry, and physic test), and other products such as fruit-flavored drinks, and dematerialized water which is a bottled drinking water that contains no minerals.


After the explanation given by the company, participants were encouraged to ask questions because of their curiosity of the explanation given, or ask for any personal experience after consuming the CLEO product, like one of the participants, namely Ida Dipawati (Class 12 Master of Accounting program) asked and shared her personal experience when consuming CLEO to the company. The sharing was responded very positively by the company because it gives input from the consumer which must be heard in order to further improve the company.

Then the next agenda was the company tour to see the process of drinking water treatment, the bottle and bottle cap manufacturing, the evaporation process, until the process of packaging. PT. Sariguna Prima Tirta uses the machines to run the production process, so as to reduce the labor cost because the machines are also quite sophisticated.


After seeing the production process, the participants enthusiastically asked questions related to the inspection of the current production process, product marketing strategy, the drilling process, and the CLEO logo. Yet because of time constraint, the second Q&A session only took 15 minutes. The session continued with the speech of gratitude and souvenir presentation by Dr. Putu Anom and Yunita to PT. Sariguna Prima Tirta (CLEO).

The event, which lasted for approximately 3 hours has provided experience and remarkable insights to the participants. During the visit, participants can witness several processes such as the production process run by the company, understand the obstacles experienced by the company, and strategies applied by the company to generate high – quality products.

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