Cangkruk Cendekia: Discussion about Accounting and Publication Techniques

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The thesis is the final stage in a lecture journey. All students are required to do a study to answer interesting phenomena around them. Nevertheless, students often face difficulties working on the thesis, especially in determining the topic and research methods. To answer the problems faced by these students, the Ubaya Master of Accounting department organized an exciting activity called “Cangkruk Cendekia (Scholar Gathering)” which aims to help students determine the topics and methods of research that are anti-mainstream but remain in the realm of accounting research and the strategy of publishing scientific papers.

On Saturday, May 16, 2020, the interactive lecture took the theme of SAKTI Discussion (Discussion about Accounting and Publication Techniques). The event was attended by 34 participants who are the Ubaya FBE Master of Management, Master of Accounting students, and Bachelor of Accounting students. This event was delivered online – complying with the Ubaya Rector policy that students must conduct “study from home” until the specified time limit – namely with interactive lecture methods and professional speakers. The event was concluded with the Question and Answer session for digging information and data from existing sources. There were three inspirational speakers invited to share their knowledge in the SAKTI Discussion, namely (1) Prof. Drs. Basuki, M.Com (Hons)., PhD., Ak., CA., CMA., ACPA .; (2) Dr. Rismawati Sudirman, S.E, MSA., CSRS., CSRA., CSP .; and (3) Prof. Iwan Triyuwono, S.E., Ak., MEc., Ph.D. assisted by the moderator from Ubaya Postgraduate Masters of Accounting Study Program, Dr. Bonnie Soeherman, S.E., M.Ak, in examining the questions that appeared in the question and answer session. The event was also attended by guests, namely the Rector of the University of Muhammadiyah Palopo, Dr. Salju, S.E., M.M. and several Ubaya alumni and lecturers.

In this event, Prof. Basuki discussed the Innovative Research Topic. He directed students to choose the title that uses unique and creative language. The title of scientific work must be eye-catching to be interesting to read but still pay attention to its meaning. To find research problems, students must read a lot of books or journal references, conduct discussions with the supervisor, or even make their observations in the community. From these observations, ideas will develop into the research problem formulation. Students are also advised to choose an approach that feels comfortable to do, between quantitative or qualitative methods. Both methods cannot produce absolute truth, but only relative truths that are generated. Because according to him, one day, research will be corrected and added to the truth by other researchers.

In the second session, Dr. Risma reviewed the topic of the Introduction and Research Paradigm. In writing a study, she underlined that every student needs his self-awareness to motivate them to write a scientific work that is unique and different from the others. To do so, it requires sufficient knowledge about matters relating to the topic to be written, for example, linking cultural spirituality values with accounting. Students must truly understand the substance of the values ​​discussed in their work in order to be able to explain the real problems and present excellent and correct solutions for the progress of the research world.

Then in closing, Prof. Iwan perfected a series of discussions on the topic of National Publication Strategy. To write and conduct research requires spiritual intelligence, which is the highest intelligence of the others (physical, emotional, and intellectual intelligence). Today, many people are trapped in the wrong motivations for writing scientific papers. Its main interest is only to increase his university’s ranking and only to sell publications just for the sake of pride. However, the essential value of a study is more to explain the originality of ideas with neuro psycho language, which is the language that directs the reader to change for the better. Another thing that is also important is writing with a standard writing system, following existing references, correcting grammar, and avoiding plagiarism.

For publication, students must conduct further searches on what journals are targeted and follow the terms of the journal writing format. In the process of screening publications, there is a possibility that the articles created must be revised, or even the articles can be rejected. This is something that usually happens in publications. Articles that need to be revised will be returned to the authors for correction. However, if the article is rejected, students are advised to look for other suitable journal references. 

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