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Tolerance is one culture that is inherent in the people of Indonesia, but nowadays there are many people who rarely tolerate and sympathize with others. As social beings, we should be well aware that we cannot live alone, but need others to support ourselves in living this life. For this reason, the Ubaya Faculty of Business and Economics Postgraduate Leadership Club organized a Charity program entitled “Empathy in Action” because a sense of empathy is not just from words but our actions directly to others. The objective of this event is to increase awareness that as human beings we should be tolerant and empathetic with each other, especially those who are in need.

Under this charity activity, the Leadership Club visited the St. Orphanage Beatrix Surabaya by delivering three seminar topics requested directly by the orphanage management, including: Friendship and tips in dating; Diet tips & tricks, and health seminars; as well as a session about making handicraft. Three seminar topics were delivered by the Ubaya FBE Postgraduate students and there were also various sharing, playing and eating sessions that took place from 14.00 – 18.00. Jokes and laughter that occurred throughout the event brought happiness for all participants.

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