Charity Virtual Run

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To welcome the National Health Day that is celebrated every November 12, the Ubaya Faculty of Business and Economics (Ubaya FBE) Postgraduate Leadership Club (LC) organizes an activity called “Charity Virtual Run”. 2020 is known as the 7th anniversary of the UBAYA FBE Postgraduate LC so that the joint running activity is targeted to reach 7 kilometers which symbolizes the 7 years of LC. In this event, every participant will run with their respective tracks and send their track record results to the committee as evidence of target completion. Moreover, the money that comes from the registration fees of the participants will be allocated to purchase daily necessities packages that are donated (charity) to the Bina Kasih Orphanage in Surabaya. The virtual run was carried out by the participants on October 15 – November 13, 2020, starting with participant registration, running activities, then submitting the track record results to the committee. Then it was continued with charity activities carried out by the committee on November 15, 2020, at the Bina Kasih Orphanage. 

fig. 1. documentation of donations
fig. 2. Charity Virtual Run medals

To make this activity successful while at the same time maintaining a sense of togetherness and collegiality among postgraduate families amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the committee also joined the activity together with the Ubaya FBE Dean, Dr. Putu Anom Mahadwartha, S.E., M.M., CSA. Afterward, the virtual run participants who have completed the 7 KM running target then get a medal that is sent to their respective addresses after the activity ends. Charity activities were carried out briefly to limit the crowd and the physical contact that occurs. The charity package consists of basic food ingredients, cloth masks, medicines, and other necessities. After submitting the package, the committee presented a song from the orphanage children.

fig. 3. Charity Virtual Run committe
fig.4. Mr. Putu Anom Mahadwartha

This activity was also awarded as “The Most Inspiring Virtual Run Sport” at the APMMI Awards2020 held by the Indonesian Master of Management Program Association (APMMI) on November 27, 2020, via This award was presented to the Ubaya FBE Master of Management study program as one of the most innovative and interesting activities during 2020 among all activities carried out by the other Master of Management study programs in Indonesia. This definitely makes the Ubaya FBE MM proud and gives a motivation to always create superior and innovative programs in the future.

fig. 5. “The Most Inspiring Virtual Run Sport ” award

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