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Speaker and Seminar Participants  

As technology develops, more things around us are shifting to online systems. Starting from the process of buying and selling to payment transactions. Conventional methods have now been disrupted by technology. Disruption is now a phenomenon that occurs in the world of economy.

Based on this phenomenon, the 10th Generation Leadership Club of the Ubaya FBE Postgraduate presented a seminar entitled CRACKING PARADIGMS THROUGH DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION “Creating and Building Business Advantage”. The seminar was held on Friday, June 8, 2018, at the Ubaya FBE Postgraduate Auditorium, 3rd floor, Tenggilis campus. The seminar which raised the phenomenon of disruption as the main theme invited 2 speakers who were experts in their fields, namely Dr. Sandy Wahyudi (DSW) and Dr. Deddy Marciano. These two speakers delivered disruptive materials from two different points of view. Dr. Sandy Wahyudi discussed the disruption in terms of the marketing world, while Dr. Deddy Marciano discussed it from the finance point of view. This seminar was quite interesting for participants who filled the entire room. The participants who attended were not only from Ubaya FBE postgraduate students, but there were also many participants from outside. Some of them are practitioners, trainers, and consultants in the business field.

Marketing disruption can be seen from the business competition that is increasingly turning to online business. Mr. Sandy shows some photos of the conditions of conventional shops in the Glodok area, Jakarta. From these photos, it can be seen that conventional stores experience a condition of low visitors. There are not many consumers who come to visit these shops because they currently prefer to sit down and make enough purchase transactions via a Smartphone.

Conventional shop owners inevitably have to think of new ways to keep the business running. This method is called disruptive innovation. Mr. Sandy stressed out “Disruption is about how we can defeat ourselves. How our mindset destroys what we have made before. Companies must disrupt themselves to develop better.”

Not only the business world is disrupted. The financial world also experienced the same thing. Without realizing it, there are now many payment instruments that no longer use cash. If you want to pay for groceries, just use a card or even a Smartphone. This is a manifestation of disruption in the financial sector. Conventional payment methods began to be disrupted by the development of Financial Technology (Fintech). “What is referred to as Fintech is the use of technology in the financial system that produces new products, services, technology, and/or business capital,” said Mr. Deddy. He also stated that the basic needs of the millennial generation are no longer cash, but online / internet banking.

Fintech talks about payment systems, market support in transactions, as well as investment and risk management. Later, financial institutions (except state banks) are not important anymore but focus on customer desires. Mr. Deddy stated, “In the future, the Bank is not the only issuer of payment instruments. Unregulated new players will appear. An example is Gojek, which created Gopay as a payment tool. “Bank Indonesia is very concerned about Fintech because it deals with consumer protection, transaction, and transfer system security, and data security.”Fintech can be an opponent but can also be a friend. It depends on our position,” said Mr. Deddy.

The two speakers of this seminar brought the material very interestingly. The enthusiasm of the seminar participants was not inferior to the speakers. Some participants were very enthusiastic in asking questions until the question and answer session finished. Until the clock showed almost 10 pm, this enthusiasm was still felt in the Ubaya FBE Postgraduate Auditorium room.

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