CRM Fundamentals Highlights

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Dr. Paul memberikan gambaran yang jelas akan pentingnya CRM
Dr. Paul gives a clear picture of the importance of CRM

On November 18th, 2016, the Ubaya FBE Postgraduate program held a seminar themed “CRM Fundamentals Highlights”. Chaired by Afifah Putri, this seminar invited Dr. Paul Leow, DBA, P.CRM and Aina Neva Fiati, SE, CCP, P.CRM from Association for Advancement of Relationship Marketing (AARM) which is an international business network and executives in marketing, CRM, and other related subjects. Dr. Paul is a practitioner and consultant who has been involving in CRM in the last few decades since 1995. Paul‘s experience as a consultant at various multinational companies provides a clear picture of the importance of CRM in the company.

In the seminar that took place at the Ubaya FBE auditorium, Dr. Paul asked critical questions to participants. The critical question aims to give the right mindset to CRM. “We can start our business without a product, as long as you have customers,” said Dr. Paul to emphasize that a business must focus on the customer first before going to the product.

Peserta sangat antusias dalam memberikan pertanyaan dalam sesi tanya jawab
Participants were very enthusiastic in asking questions in Question and Answer session

Dr. Paul reiterated that: “CRM is customer focus, not product focus; CRM is customer share, not market share “. Dr. Paul contains the message that the fundamental focus in business should start from the customer first. Society is generally wrong to perceive it. “You cannot copy the customer but you can copy the product,” commented Dr. Paul about the role of customers for long-term business.

Dr. Paul explained that in the business world, the majority of companies fail to implement CRM because the company is too focused on their products. “CRM is top-down implementation, not bottom-up,” said Dr. Paul.

“This seminar is very memorable for me. A lot of new knowledge that I got after the seminar. The material presented by experienced experts, delivered in simple language so easy to understand,” said Venice as one of the seminar participants.

At the end of the event, Ms. Aina as AARM Indonesia Chapter executive director also offers various types of training and certification for interested participants to learn more about CRM.

Foto bersama seusai acara
Group photo after the seminar

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