Crossing Culture, Winning The Market: Taiwan Business Visit

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The beautiful memory is engraved in the hearts of international business visit participants that is held as a regular program of the Ubaya FBE Postgraduate. Chaired by Lisa Mardelina Sugiharta (Class 12 Master of Accounting student), the visit goes to Taiwan especially Taipei city this year. With the theme “CROSSING CULTURE, WINNING THE MARKET”, the 5-day and 4-night designed event went so fast and gave so many new things and unexpected experiences to participants. With a total of 28 participants, the visit began on October 21st to 25th, 2015 and transited in Singapore for approximately 30 minutes and then continued the journey to Taoyuan International Airport. The cool temperatures welcomed our arrival and a little raindrop did not discourage the participants from starting the adventure in the country that is known for its “The Heart of Asia” slogan.

Along the way to the hotel, the participants were given a simple but meaningful briefing and insight about Taipei city. One of them is Taipei city that is known as a safe city with its very low crime. Then the participants were also given a fairly complete map of Taipei city. In the map, there are also MRT routes and some attractions that are generally visited by foreign visitors. On the first day, all participants had the opportunity to visit National Taiwan University in Science and Technology (NTUST). NTUST, which is one of Ubaya’s partners welcomes the participants by giving them general materials on NTUST’s history and academic activities, as well as the general overview on Taipei’s current economic condition. Followed by Campus Tour and participants have the opportunity to interact directly with NTUST students as well as visit one of the ongoing Strategic Management classes. After lunch, participants continued their journey to the tallest tower in Taipei combined with the Mall and shopping center, Taipei 101 Mall. At night, participants are invited to visit one of Taipei’s busiest night markets with a variety of local food namely the Shihlin Night Market.


The second day, the tour began with a visit to Chinatrust Bank (CTBC), one of the major and reputable banks with many branches worldwide where we visited CTBC headquarters area with high and spacious areas and buildings. Upon arrival in the lobby, we were welcomed by the CTBC management and felt honor as the participants. Discussion started by Chief Strategy Officer & Head of South East Asia Division on the CTBC history and Global networking, continued with Mr. Peter Liu as Head of International Country Management discussing CTBC cross-border management sharing. A keen discussion provides insight for participants about CTBC and Taipei city deeper. After the discussion, the participants were invited to go around the headquarters area and then take pictures with the management. A never-forgotten experience for the participants and an inspiration about the organizational culture of CTBC. Upholding the values ​​of kinship and caring become the main foundation of the company’s vision and mission.

The second day was indeed crowded because in the afternoon we visited one of TV Stations, CTS (Chinese Television System) which produced legendary drama series, Meteor Garden. Participants were invited to go around and see live studios for various events programs, such as news, educational events, and even the singing stage of the famous singing contest in Taipei.


Cloudy sky and cold weather greeted our third morning in Taipei. This third day is a free event, where all activities today are arranged by the tour. Began with visits to some of the city’s famous attractions, Chiang-Kai Sek Memorial Hall, National Palace Museum, Presidential building, and Martyr’s Shrine. As time went on, the participants got excited to visit some of the other sights. In the evening, the participants spent time in Ximending, one of Taipei’s largest shopping centers.

Time flies, after five days, it’s time for the participants to return back to Indonesia. Taiwan is a small country but the friendliness of the locals makes us feel not like foreign tourists, but part of Taiwan through their greatness. The various stories and eternal moments that have been passed together make this experience meaningful and touch the hearts of the participants. Taiwan, Touch my Heart. Thank you Ubaya, Thank you Taiwan.

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