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Ubaya Learning Space

Ubaya Learning Space (ULS) was created to support the learning process at the University of Surabaya. We hope that ULS can enrich your learning experience by helping you manage your learning activities. Thus, you will be able to maximize the potential you have.


Ubaya Library has also developed various online service systems that are integrated with SIM-UBAYA by using a single sign on system, to facilitate services for users, including: online book renewal and ordering systems, requests for information and procurement of library materials, online catalogs, access e-journals from outside the campus and various other facilities.


Ubaya has a student exchange program with universities abroad. Student exchange will provide Ubaya students the opportunity to study abroad with tuition fees in the country, and a more structured course adjustment process.


For registration and further information,

please contact :

Program MM-Maksi Gedung pascasarjana Lt.2

Jl. Raya Kalirungkut, Surabaya.

Telp. : 031-2981190

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