“Developing Readiness of Ideal Skills and Competencies”

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MM Ubaya, as an institution accredited as Superior by BAN-PT and internationally accredited by ABEST21, always equips students not only with hard skills in the management field that keeps up with business development but also various soft skills. One of the soft skills development activities is inviting practitioners from within and outside the country. The Postgraduate Leadership Club (LC) of the Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) at the University of Surabaya realizes the importance of understanding postgraduate students to the needs of students to prepare skills and competencies in facing Global Society 5.0. The activity themed “Global Society 5.0: “Developing Readiness of Ideal Skills and Competencies” was held online on Saturday, June 4, 2022. This time the invited speaker was Drs.ec. H. Johny Rusdiyanto, MM, CBC, CHCM, C.ENT, as an academic and practitioner at the Nurul Hayat Foundation. Dudi Anandya, S.T., M.Sc moderated this event.

At the beginning of the presentation, it was explained that until now, there are five levels of society starting from Society 1.0, which is the era of a hunter-gatherer society, society 2.0 is the agrarian era, society 3.0 is the industrial era, society 4.0 is the era of the information society, and the last is society 5.0 entering the era of technology that blends in with human life more deeply. Some examples are delivering goods by drone, holographic technology, driverless cars, and the internet of things. According to Mr. Johny Rusdiyanto, we must understand these trends because there will be developments that will create the environment in the business world to be unpredictable, uncertain, and also uncontrollable. In addition, we will enter an era where the death of business plans, massive changes related to human sustainability with the use of AI, the development of human resource management, physical, mental health, and job security, as well as how to build our minds regarding the change. Thus, to face this change, we must be ready to continue evolving. Some of the main things that must be done include improving our mindset. The next thing to do is to improve competence and self-character. Knowledge, ability, and behavior are critical to be improved. Likewise with one’s ability in technology, for example, the ability in AI, IoT, and also applications. The last thing to do is increase the “level of success”. The conclusion from the webinar presented by Mr. Johny Rusdiyanto is that we must increase our skills and improve our ability to adapt so that we can quickly adapt to changes.

Figure 1. Johny Rusdianto’s Presentation
Figure 2. Webinar Participants

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