National Discussion “Restoring the Character of the Nation through Spirituality”

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mengembalikan-karakter-bangsa-melalui-spiritualitas-1Basically, humans are created heterogeneous with various kinds of tribes, races, religions, and cultures. The difference creates the beauty of Indonesian culture into one flavor in one language that beautifies the uniqueness in it. It also opens our insight to understand each other’s differences “Open your mind, listen to your heart, and respect for others”.

On Wednesday, November 8th, 2017 at the 6th floor of PF building, the 9th Leadership Club (LC) held a national discussion themed” Restoring the Character of the Nation through Spirituality “. This discussion presented three speakers: Adhika Putra Wicaksono, Gus Aan, and Tjoa Teng Ho, who explored in depth about the true meaning of spirituality, the importance of spirituality, and how the application and implementation of spirituality in life. In general, many people still have the same perception of spirituality and religiosity, but these two things are different.

The National Discussion Event

The event was guided by Dr. Bonnie Soeherman, S.E., M.Ak. (Head of Master of Accounting study program) and began with opening remarks by the Ubaya Vice Rector III, Ir. Hudiyo Firmanto, M.Sc., Ph.D. Then followed by the first discussion session hosted by Adhika Putra Wicaksono (Class 51 Master of Management student) who also serves as President of 9th LC. In his session, he said spirituality is not merely religious but how someone’s point of view understands the boundaries of differences that exist to unite the nation and love for God, the environment and each other. Furthermore, the second material was presented by Gus Aan who is known as one of the Islamic preachers from the Gusdurian group who actively involves in the organization and always participates in the religious activities. Spirituality, according to him, is how we can communicate with our surrounding whatever it is (nature, human, inanimate) and take the positive side that is called spirituality. The last session was hosted by Tjoa Teng Ho, a successful businessman who likes to socialize since he already conquered a difficult period and became successful as he is now. According to him, spirituality is the side of love in us that we always exist in daily life to do and behave positively.

Question and Answer Session

The event continued with a Question and Answer session where one of the participants asked a very interesting question about “How do the speakers respond to the phenomenon of Ahok, why is this nation still questioning the religion and gender rather than the performance of its leaders?” Gus Aan explained, Ahok considered as a monument by those who claimed NKRI but the behavior does not demonstrate that the Pancasila ideology is applied properly. Such a question is the doctrine of those who have a particular interest in the name of religion. Therefore, the higher the spirituality of the individual, the more open the understanding of religion, the mindset, the point of view will be broader and more humane. He also asserted that if we want to change the character of the nation, please start from the closest that is ourselves. Turn our positive things into habits, then pass them to others, and do it over and over again.

The event was then closed by the handover of souvenirs by Vice Rector III, Ir. Hudiyo Firmanto, M.Sc., Ph.D., and Dean of FBE, Suyanto, S.E., M.Ec.Dev., Ph.D. to the three speakers and continued with a photo session together.

Vice Rector III, Dean of FBE, and Speakers
Vice Rector III, Dean of FBE, Speakers, Lecturers, and Committee

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