Ubaya MM and MAKSI Lecturer is invited to be a Keynote Speaker in an International Forum

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In 2017, Ubaya lecturer is once again invited to be a keynote speaker in an international forum. This time, Dr. Werner R. Murhadi from Ubaya Faculty of Business & Economics is invited as a speaker in the International Conference themed “Culture and Tourism in Integrated World” which is organized by Vietnam Tourism Ministry, Phu-Yen Provincial Government, Oriental Research Development Institute, Moscow State Institute, HoChiMinh City Culture University, and Vietnam-ASEAN Association Friendship.

The seminar was attended by 240 people who are delegates from 26 countries covering ASEAN countries, Russia, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Belarus, and others. The seminar was opened by the minister of tourism, followed by officials of Phuyen Province and the Russian Ambassador to Vietnam. This conference is recognized by academics, lecturers, and researchers as well as practitioners of the tourism industry. The conference started with speakers from Russia, Prof. Dr. Malygina Irina, and then continued with Dr. Werner R. Murhadi as the second speaker.

Dr. Werner conveyed the contribution of the tourism industry to economic growth and GDP both in the world, ASEAN, and Indonesia. In the future, the tourism industry is expected to give a big impact on economic growth, job creation, and increasing GDP/capita. But now, ASEAN and Indonesia have the same challenges in the development of this industry such as infrastructure, human resources, and licensing process. Dr. Werner explained the challenges and efforts of the Indonesian nation to increase the contribution of the tourism industry when other industries are experiencing weakness.

The conference took place for two days by listening to various exposures and research of the speakers selected by the committee. Hopefully, more Ubaya lecturers are able to take part in the international forum.

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