Early 2020 meeting, Advisory Board

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Advisory Board is a practice that takes place in world business schools, where business people provide input to study programs related to the needs of business people for human resources. (10/01/2020) Advisory Board Meeting of the University of Surabaya Master of Management Study Program (PS MM UBAYA) was attended by Soegijo Lee, Thomas More, Prof. Dr. Buana Maruf, Dr. Susan Sutejo, Dr. Dudi Anandya, and Dr. Werner R. Murhadi.

The meeting results encouraged PS MM UBAYA to strengthen the direction of the study program practical oriented.

“In the future, MM UBAYA will improve and strengthen the quality in terms of study programs, learning facilities, and lecturers. Explanation of the courses on the website is also made in detail so that the public knows the contents of the curriculum,” added Dr. Werner Ria Murhadi S.E., M.M., CSA. as the Head of PS MM UBAYA.

With the support and input from the advisory board, it is expected to improve the quality of MM study programs.

Early 2020 meeting, Advisory Board

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