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The Executive Custom Course (ECC) is a learning solution for busy professionals. ECC is a custom scientific deepening program where participants can choose specific business topics as needed. The materials provided have been adapted to the needs of the era and are supported by the professional teaching team that possesses a strong mastery of concepts and practical experience. The team consists of professionals who have interdisciplinary knowledge and experience so that they can provide inspiration and inspiration, as well as holistic solutions.

ECC offers participant-center learning and experiential-learning models that are enriched by case study analysis, business visits, seminars, and various business training delivered by qualified speakers.

Topik Pembelajaran Bisnis

Lingkungan Bisnis

The topic improves the capability to observe (awareness) and identify various key factors that influence business activities.

Global Strategic Finance

The topic helps participants to learn and discuss current financial concepts and practices in a global context.

SDM dalam Perspektif Organisasi

The topic helps to formulate policies, procedures, and systems that need to be carried out by management to utilize the organization's HR effectively and efficiently.

Service Operations Management

The topic discusses the company's processes and methods of delivering services and making operating decisions to manage resources and deliver services to customers.

Contemporary Marketing

The topic recognizes and understands current marketing problems and changes that occur in various industries to formulate a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Creative Marketing Strategy

The topic discusses internal and external factors that influence the making of marketing strategy, how to deliver value to customers, nurture good relations with customers, and create integrated marketing communication strategies.

Integrated Marketing Communication

The topic boosts in-depth understanding of the integrated marketing communication components, critically analyze actual cases in Indonesia, and build creative integrated marketing communications plans.

Ekonomi Dan Manajemen Maritim

The topic provides an understanding of the analysis of the development of the world shipping industry, sea trade, and maritime industry policies using a framework of trade economics

Manajemen Strategik

The topic introduces the concept of strategic management through discussion and case analysis and taking into consideration the primary direction and objectives of the organization, the environment, industry, and market structure, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the organization.

Talentpreneurship and Business Modeling

The topic helps to understand the contemporary business landscape as well as a new business or product modeling with a customer value approach and Lean principles through holistic feasibility studies in all business fields.

Performance Management

The topic helps participants to play a strategic role in linking the role of HR management and operations management in providing effective performance appraisals.

Innovation Accounting

The topic discusses the process and management of value-based innovation within the company as well as how to maintain accountability or reduce the risk of failure for innovations that have been carried out amid a disruption era.

Sistem Pengadilan Manajemen

This topic provides perspective and knowledge of designing and implementing management control systems to achieve organizational goals.

Accounting, Valuation and Desicion Making

The topic provides knowledge about the accounting process, valuation procedures, and the decision-making process that is based on accounting information or financial statements.

Fraud Detection, Risk and Creative Accounting

The topic discusses the various issues/concepts related to different acts of fraud, along with their preventive and detection actions, as well as deepens the issues of fraud through various case analysis.

Behavioral Aspect in Business and Accounting

The topic provides an understanding of the concepts and theories of research methods used in behavioral accounting research, interpretation of research results, and practical implications on the business and accounting professions.

Accountability and Spirituality in Business

The topic provides a new inspiring perspective on the role of spirituality and accountability in business practices to form leaders who are spiritually well.

Jasa Audit dan Atestasi

The topic provides perspective and knowledge on how to design and implement a responsible business model. The emphasis is on how business leaders can create organizations that help inspire humankind to create a better world.


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