Medical clinic and pharmacy

Ubaya Pharmacy is open to the public. For Ubaya students, taking the prescribed medicines wrote by Ubaya Medical Clinic and/or Dental Clinic is FREE OF CHARGE.

Ubaya Medical Clinic is one of the pillars to realize healthier body (both physical and spiritual) for the entire Ubaya civitas academia in particular and the society in general.

Career Asistance Centre

The Division of Career Service (CS) serves as a mediator between Ubaya, industry, and other institutions that require professionals. Further information about CAC, please browse: http://career.ubaya.ac.id.

Business and Financial Information Database

For lectures and writing assignments/thesis, there is various national and international database accesses available, particularly related to data or business information. The examples of Ubaya databases are Euro monitor and Center of Financial and Capital Market databases.

Discussion and Reference Room

There are a discussion and reference room available at the Ubaya FBE Postgraduate program building as well as at the Ubaya library building that can exclusively be used by Ubaya Postgraduate students including MM and MAKSI students.

Indonesia Stock Exchange Corner

There is an IDX Corner located at the Ubaya FBE with online transaction facilities that can be used by Ubaya FBE MM students for stock transaction. The Ubaya IDX Corner is a form of cooperation between PT. Reliance Security Tbk., Indonesia Stock Exchange, and Ubaya. The Ubaya Corner won the best corner award nationwide for the largest transaction volume category. The purpose of establishing the IDX Corner was to early introduce the stock market to students and become an effective means of theoretical and practical learning.

Jakarta Futures Exchange Center

JFX Center is available for Ubaya FBE MM students for transactions in futures trading (futures). The Center is located at the Ubaya FBE building, precisely in the Investment Gallery. JFX Center is a form of cooperation with collaboration between Ubaya, PT. Agrodana Futures, and the Jakarta Futures Exchange (JFX). The purpose of establishing the JFX Center was to introduce and educate students about futures trading in Indonesia and become an effective means of learning to prepare students in the practice of futures trading.

International Exchange Programme

Ubaya FBE MM and MAKSI carry out International Student Exchange programs with partner universities abroad. The program will equip students the opportunity to study abroad by paying Ubaya tuition fees, and more structured subject arrangement. Some of Ubaya partners are Flinders University Australia, Université de La Rochelle France, Ecole de Management Strasbourg France, Handelshochschule Leipzig (Leipzig Graduate School of Management) Germany, Rotterdam Business School (RBS) The Netherlands, Universiteit Maastricht (Unimaas), Marshall University USA, University of Northern Iowa USA, University of South Florida and many more .

Complete partner universities can be found at http://international.ubaya.ac.id

Counseling Services

PLKPAM is one of the Ubaya supporting units that proactively counsel students to overcome challenges or problems in students’ lives.

Ubaya Language Center

Established on 20 April 2004, the Ubaya Language Center (ULC) helps students and professionals to improve their language proficiency. Further information about ULC, please browse: http://www.ulc.ubaya.ac.id/

Ubaya Training Center

Ubaya Training Center (UTC) is part of the Integrated Outdoor Campus (IOC) which is widely known as Ubaya campus III. It is located in Village of Tamiajeng, Trawas and stands on the 36-hectare land. UTC offers a new outdoor training concept that promotes the nature as well as the implementation of effective & optimum nature conservation.


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