Facing Businesses Challenge in Indonesia “Transformation of SEMEN GRESIK into SEMEN INDONESIA”

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Seminar Semen Gresik
Class activity during the Seminar

Monday, November 23rd, 2015, the Ubaya FBE postgraduate students attended the seminar organized by the 6th Leadership Club (LC) Generation that is a postgraduate student organization at the Ubaya FBE. The seminar took the theme of “Facing Businesses Challenge in Indonesia” titled “Transformation of Semen Gresik (Cement Gresik) into Semen Indonesia (Cement Indonesia)”. The event includes a seminar delivered by Semen Indonesia and followed by a Question and Answer session moderated by Dr. Putu Anom as the Head of Master of Management study program. The seminar was delivered by Sunardi as Director of PT. Semen Indonesia.

As the seminar title, Semen Gresik speaker explained the transformation they do. “There are several factors that influence why we need to do the transformation,” said President Director of Semen Gresik, Sunardi. The six primary factors are increased competition from foreign competitors, consolidation, increased competition from domestic competitors, technology change, changing customer performance, and regulatory change. Doing this transformation is not easy, there are 4 phases which must be done by Semen Gresik in which the transformation phase 1 started in 1991 and up to phase 4 which began in 2011 until the future that aims to make Semen Indonesia becomes a leader in the region.

Sertifikat Semen Gresik
by Mr. Anom and Mr. Sunardi

The transformation process done by Semen Indonesia has successfully increased the profit of the company. And until 2010, Semen Indonesia has successfully become a Global Player which has a market share of 57%. “But does not stop there, the company still continues to make changes for a better direction. The company must compete not only to be the leader in the product but also compete to form the structure of the industry in the future,” said Sunardi.

The seminar was very interesting considering the enthusiasm of participants in asking questions. “How was the seminar this time?” asked one of the organizers of the event to one of the seminar participants after the event. “A very useful seminar, we learned that the transformation of a company is also needed and it can be profitable for the company,” said Ayu as the seminar participant

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