FAPUS Tour Jogjakarta 2016

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Fapus Tour Jogja 2016 - 1

On January 29th-31st, 2016, the Ubaya Postgraduate Alumni Forum or more commonly known as FAPUS conducted a Tour to Yogyakarta. This tour is solely held to establish a good relationship among the Ubaya FBE postgraduate alumni so as not to fade by time. Through this activity, it is expected that sense of collegiality, solidarity, and togetherness among the alumni will be everlasting.  Moreover, it was held to maintain the collegiality, strengthen the relationship, togetherness, and unity among the alumni. It also aims to introduce the younger alumni who recently graduated to the senior alumni in order to build the networking among them.

The tour participants were 18 people, who come from different occupation, backgrounds, and generation. The tourism objects visited on the tour are more natural attractions like Parangkusumo beach, Pindul cave, Sri Gethuk waterfall, and Ratu Boko temple. In addition to the famous natural attractions in Jogjakarta, the participants also visited some of the shopping and souvenir centers such as Bringhardjo market and Monggo Chocolate factory.


Finally, to be honest, the panorama is not really the main objective of the tour, but we more enjoy the meaning of togetherness, teamwork, and collegiality that have been built together over the years, and meeting each other. Thank you.

Fapus Tour Jogja 2016 - 3 Fapus Tour Jogja 2016 - 2

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