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The event started at 19.30 with the opening by Mr. Wenas, founder of Universal group, who gave an introduction and a brief resume of Mr. William Chua. Presentation by Mr. William Chua began at 19.35 with the title “Forging Ahead in Life in Communication”.

Communication is part of human life that can not be avoided, so it is important for humans in life to always be aware of the things that are currently being carried out and always reflect them. In life, humans always have goals that they want to achieve, for example, one of the participants, Ricky, has a goal of having lots of money in his life. Another participant, Anissa, preferred to have a happy life. The three guiding questions given by the speaker to help participants clarify their life goals were: (1) What is the why behind everything I do? (2) Why am I here? (3) When I know this in life or design it is very empowering and the path is clear? These three questions were then be used to define “success” for every individual.

“Sometimes I win, sometimes I LEARN” is the sentence highlighted by the speaker because success is a combination of hard work, attitude, discipline, patience, failure, and others. So that every time a failure occurs, we must not despair but learn from it so that we can be the winner in the next opportunity. One other important thing is that every individual must learn to love themselves first – FLY: Firstly LOVE Yourself – because an individual’s enemy and best friend is the individual himself.

How someone sees himself plays a very important role. Because a person’s mind can become his words, his words can become his actions, his actions can become his habits, and his habits can become his character. Thus, a person’s vision or view of himself in the present and the future plays a very important role in achieving the word “success” that was previously defined. First, defining and determining targets/goals to be achieved in the future; Second, looking at what he currently has that can support the achievement of these targets/goals; Third, planning and implementing concrete actions that can be taken to achieve these targets/goals.

fig. 1

Furthermore, participants were invited to both try to play mini-games called “Changing viewpoint”. The game is about how to arrange 3 pieces of paper with 2 jockey pictures and 2 horses to form 2 jockey pictures riding 2 horses at the same time. Participants were quite enthusiastic about trying to solve the puzzle of the game and at the end of the game, Mr. William also explained how to solve existing puzzles and the meaning of the game. Then, participants were invited to do the second game, which is “T-games” where participants were divided into 3 groups, with 1 group consists of 4-6 people. Each group was divided into 2 small groups, namely A and B. Group A was a group that receives a piece of the T letter consisting of several motifs and colors as a whole, while group B was a group that receives several small parts with several different motifs and colors. Group A was then trying to guide group B to be able to arrange the pieces in order to form the T letter as intact as group A. The pair of group A-B must communicate with each other and work together. The atmosphere of the room became very cheerful where everyone was so eager to compete to be the first group to successfully finish it. After finishing, a sharing session was held where each group was asked to share their experiences and lessons learned from the games that had been done.

Afterward, the event continued with the second session about an introduction to the study program “postgraduate diploma in digital strategy, leadership, and innovation” delivered by Training Vision (seminar organizer) in collaboration with Boston University, USA. The program lasts for 7 months + 5 months, which is the first 7 months at Training Vision, Singapore; followed by 5 months at Boston University, USA. After the program is completed, participants will get the title of Master of Science in Digital Innovation. The program has 5 modules in which each module has a special program and the professor who is responsible for the modules.

The last session was Q and A with 2 questioners in this session. The first question was how to start a conversation with a new person, which was then answered by Mr. William Chua with several points, namely: (1) introduce yourself, name is the best thing that every individual has, so introducing the name is a special thing that will always be memorable in every conversation; (2) in conversation, it is important to always maintain eye contact. This will make the other person feel valued as well as increase one’s confidence; (3) practice how to start a conversation, record it, and do a self-evaluation every certain period. The records are compared in order to know the extent to which self-development has taken place; (4) finally, it is important to increase self-confidence. The second question is about things that must be prepared if students want to participate in the postgraduate diploma program, which is then answered: (1) preparation for registration can be through the Universal Group which will later be assisted with administrative requirements; and (2) minimum EILTS score of 6.0 where the minimum score for each aspect must also be 6.0.

The event was concluded by a token of appreciation to Mr. William Chua by the Ubaya Head of Master of Management study program, Dr. Werner, which was then followed by a group photo and closing.

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