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The Ubaya Postgraduate Leadership Club once again held a webinar inviting a businessman that took place on Tuesday, 27/7/2021. This time, the speaker is Denny William, a millennial generation businessman born in Tanjung Pinang in 1992.

Denny completed his IT major in 2014. After two years working in Jakarta, he continued his career as an Area Manager at J&T Express East Java in Surabaya. In March 2018, he decided to resign from J&T Express and start an online business. The online business was almost closed because most people considered it difficult to succeed and lacked the money to pay team salaries. After one year of surviving, finally, he found hope in 2019.

As his business grows, Denny transformed his business into the GII COMMERCE group in 2020, a group of young people doing online business together. Still, in 2020, GII Commerce has expanded to four countries in Southeast Asia. Denny shared his knowledge about his experiences, failures, and successes so that today GII Commerce can employ more than 140 employees, mostly young people, with more than 30 online stores.

The uniqueness built by Denny is that all of his products are made originally in Indonesia so that by expanding to four ASEAN countries, Denny can promote Indonesian products abroad. Besides, the GII Commerce’s organizational culture is the empowerment of human resources, where the CEO becomes a discussion partner and HR is given the authority to determine products and sell them. Denny’s sharing experience can inspire students to start doing with the resources they currently have.

Wish Denny William and GII Commerce all the best.

Figure 1. Denny William – CEO of GII Commerce

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