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The Seminar delivered by Mr. Iwan Pasila

Friday, May 27th, 2016, the Ubaya FBE Postgraduate students attended a seminar organized by the 7th Leadership Club (LC) themed “Teaching Director of “Insurance Literacy”. This seminar invited Mr. Iwan Pasila as Mandiri Inhealth President Director. The event includes seminar from the Mandiri Inhealth, followed by a Question and Answer session moderated by Dr. Werner R Murhadi as Head of Personal Financial Planner subject that closely learns about insurance and concluded with a photo session at the end of the event.

At the seminar session, participants were given an initial overview of how the early history of insurance and why it is important to have insurance. Insurance is important because health is the most precious treasure. We may not be able to avoid the risk of illness, accident or death, but we can reduce the financial impact caused by some events that we do not want to happen by transferring some of the risks to the insurance company. Not only the life or health that can be insured, many things can be insured like education, finance, and environment insurance. Furthermore, the seminar also discussed the career path of an actuary, tax officer, and other professions related to insurance.

Mr. Iwan is very supportive if there are participants who are interested in pursuing a career in the insurance company. “Insurance business opportunities in Indonesia are still very large. It can be seen that only 6.9% of the Indonesian population have a policy,” explained Iwan. From the total of 260 million Indonesian populations, only 18 million have insurance policy. The gap makes business in the insurance sector has good prospects in Indonesia. Besides, Indonesia also has a quite high population growth rate.

Certificate Appreciation to Mr. Iwan Pasila (Mandiri Inhealth Director)


Through this event, the participants can understand insurance through the insurance industry practitioners. Participants attended the seminar with enthusiasm. Participants were also quite enthusiastic in the Question and Answer session by Mr. Iwan Pasila. “The seminar was very informative and useful so I can expand my horizons about the insurance,” said Michael Mardian as one of the participants. “This seminar opened my own views on the world of insurance, as so far, I only know through insurance agents,” commented other participants. Many in-depth discussions were conducted so that the participants are able to further understand about insurance.

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