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International Coaching Week 2016

Thursday, May 26th,2016, the International Coaching Week 2016 themed “Beyond Leadership, When Modern Leaders are Expected to Do More” took place at the Ubaya FBE Postgraduate auditorium building. This event is held in collaboration with International Coach Federation (ICF) Jakarta and the 7th Leadership Club (LC) Generation.

Ubaya should be proud because it is the only university in Surabaya that receives a free coaching. The event was attended by Ubaya postgraduate students, alumni, and the public. Dr. Putu Anom Mahadwartha as the Head Master of Management study program delivered the opening and then followed by remarks from Dian Aria Prasasti Utomo as ICF Jakarta Charter Chapter President.

She is very impressed with the organizers of this event. “I am very impressed with the professionalism of the LC organizer in running this event, especially not many leadership organizations within the postgraduate program.”

Before the coaching seminar began, an MOU between the ICF Jakarta Charter Chapter and the Ubaya was signed. The Ubaya was represented by Dr. Sujoko Efferin. “Hopefully in the future, ICF Surabaya and Ubaya will become a good partner that can work together,” said Dian.

Souvenir and Certificate presentation by Dr. Anom to Dian, Neil, and Evans


The main session of the event was delivered by an experienced coach, Neil Aldrin. In his session, he advised, “As a leader, we are required to always care, be aware towards the organization and the people and most importantly, can contribute something for himself and his environment.”

One of the participants is listening to pro-bono coaching by Evans

He added, “The leadership training or coaching is useful especially for us in understanding yourself deeper and searching for self-improvement, knowing other people within the organization, keeping your worker, keeping key people, and raising awareness. The training is also useful for other people. Moreover, coaching for others can be used to clarify and identify problems, solve problems, committed to acting by themselves and develop self-esteem, motivation, and confidence.”

This event is memorable for the participants because many participants were enthusiastic to attend the pro-bono coaching held at the end of the event which is delivered by some coaches whom directly flew from Jakarta. “What is your impression of this seminar,” asked one of the organizers to the participants. “The pro-bono coaching was very useful for me so that I can find the right solution to solve the problems related to my work at the office,” said Anita as pro-bono coaching participant.

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