International Online Seminar on Business Intelligence

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On Friday, 28 May 2021, the Leadership Club (LC) once again presents a guest lecture session by a business practitioner to increase student insight.

Technological advancement is bad and detrimental because it can disrupt our jobs? Are you sure with it? Wait a minute, today’s very rapid technological advancement is not a specter to be feared, technological advancement can indeed disrupt a profession such as an accountant, but keep in mind that new professions will emerge, therefore we must always be able to adapt and follow the advancement to survive. It is a very extraordinary opportunity that we can learn together with Ir., Drs.Ec., Hanijanto Soewandi, M.Eng., Ph.D. who is Vice President, Principal Architect at MicroStrategy, Inc. – USA. He shared his experiences in technology, taught, and invited the webinar participants to use MicroStrategy® software so that the participants can get memorable experiences and additional insights to be ready to face and use technology well and wisely, especially Business Intelligence.

Figure 1. Hanjianto Soewandi, Ph. D. is delivering his thought
Figure 2. Participants enthusiastically ask questions
Figure 3. Webinar Participants

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