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Japan, we are coming!! On October 18th – 24th, 2017, the 9thgeneration of Leadership Club (LC) organized an International Business Visit themed “Spiritual Innovation” to Sakura country. This backpacker-style journey was participated by not only the active students of the FBE postgraduate program but also the alumni of the previous generations. This journey was accompanied by the Head of Master of Management and Master of Accounting study programs namely i.e. Dr. Putu Anom Mahadwartha, S.E., M.M., CSA. and Dr. Bonnie Soeherman, S.E., M.Ak.

Group Photo with Mieko Noguchi and Noguchi Glass Co. employees Ltd.


Since the participants first arrived in Japan, they have to get used to riding MRT transportation facilities in Japan. On the visit to Japan this time, we got a very good chance to visit Noguchi Glass Co. Ltd., a company that creates various artwork made of glass. Their inspiration to innovate comes from Japanese culture. Noguchi Glass Co. Ltd. chose Indonesia as one of the friendliest countries to start introducing their company’s glass artwork. During the visit, participants witnessed amazing works of art according to the uniqueness of the manufacturer. The presence of the CEO and artist Mieko Noguchi who warmly greeted us made this visit even more memorable.


Participants Fill in the Pasmo Card Balance at Japan MRT Station


Participants gained new experiences and insights about culture, technology, and business in Japan. Spirituality has become a living principle of Japanese society that can be seen through their awareness of others. Like clearing the dining table after eating, standing on the left on an escalator, separating the garbage according to the type, and other very lean systems.

Group Photo at Ueno Zoo

Some of the places we visited in Japan include Ueno Park, Ramen Museum, NHK Museum of Broadcasting, and Shibuya Station where participants can see firsthand the famous Hachiko statue. Also, do not forget we saw directly one of Disney’s great works with his moral value through our visit to Disneyland.

The backpacker-style journey with 32 people was really an exciting and thrilling experience. Getting lost and mistaking the train were moments that cannot be forgotten by the participants. Not to mention the rain and bad weather of Japan when we were there. But all the challenges made the participants closer to each other & colored the journey like a proverb that says “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Group Photo at Area Disneyland


This journey is not a perfect journey, but a journey with full of meaning. Our greatest thanks to the participants who have been willing to join this event, support and effort from the committee, BPH, KPS, and of course the beloved University of Surabaya. Where are we going next trip?

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