Ways to Build an Anti Hoax System

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In the business world, data collection and data recording are important factors so that businesses are able to develop well. The data is processed in such a way as information. In the industrial era 4.0, information can be viral quickly through various channels. However, the information that is spread is not necessarily justified. Lots of fake news (hoaxes) are scattered in virtual worlds, so often if we are not aware and examine carefully, then the information will be harmful to its users. The 11th Generation Leadership Club in collaboration with the Anti-Defamation Society of Indonesia (Mafindo) held a Guest Lecture entitled “We Build the Anti Hoax System” on Friday, November 16, 2018.

Ms. Rovien Aryunia, S.Pd., M.PPO., M.M., one of the Mafindo Presidiums opened the event with a brief introduction about Mafindo accompanied by information hoax situations that are increasingly widespread in today’s society. She stressed out the importance of critical thinking to ward off hoaxes. “No one is immune from hoaxes, even though they are highly educated. Always thinking critically will help us not be exposed to the negative impact of hoaxes,” said a statement from a woman who is also an HR Manager at PT. Wonokoyo Jaya Corporindo.

Dr. Putu Anom Mahadwartha, S.E., M.M., CSA. as the Chairperson of the Master of Management study program gave a speech then continued with the main event, namely a guest lecture from Mr. Septiaji Eko Nugroho, S.T., M.Sc. In line with Ms. Rovien, the man who served as Chair of the Mafindo Presidium stressed out that we should be skeptical of the information circulating, not just agree and have an open mindset for information. “Many people are doing hoax news business and do not care how the impact on the community which in the worst conditions can eliminate rationality, eliminate lives, and trigger war,” said the man who founded Mafindo in November 2016.

The participants from the FBE Postgraduate Program, most of whom were Class 55 Master of Management students, were quite enthusiastic about the guest lecture this time. Various weighty questions so that discussions with the Chairperson of the Mafindo Presidium also went quite interesting. The program ended with the giving of the token by Dr. Putu Anom Mahadwartha, S.E., M.M., CSA. to Mr. Septiaji Eko Nugroho, S.T., M.Sc. accompanied by a group photo with all guest lecture participants. Hopefully, the material provided this time can be useful for all of us. Don’t Distribute Hoax!


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