“Contemporary Logistics & Supply Chain Management ” Guest Lecture

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Souvenirs Presentation by Ms. Yayuk

The Leadership Club of the University of Surabaya Faculty of Business and Economics (Ubaya FBE LC) held a guest lecture on Friday, October 27th, 2017 at the FBE Postgraduate Auditorium Hall themed “Contemporary Logistics & Supply Chain Management”. As speakers, the organizer invited Mr. Tenaka Budiman, ST, MM, ASCM, CSLP (expert and practitioner in logistics) and his partner Rina. This guest lecture began with the opening by Siti Rahayu, S.E., M.M., (lecturer of Operations Management at the Ubaya FBE).

Mr. Tenaka explained about the evolution of supply chain management from physical distribution form, logistics management, to the final of supply chain management form. This evolution process began with the form of Psychical Distribution then moved towards Logistic Management until it ended in the final formation of Supply Chain Management. The second stage of his presentation talked about the four stages of Supply Chain Evolution that includes Functional Focus, Internal Integration, External Integration, and Cross-Enterprise Collaboration. The next stage, he began to explain the definition of logistics, that logistics is part of the supply chain process that maintains the efficiency and effectiveness of customer needs. The third stage is the main part of this guest lecture because at this stage Mr. Tenaka explained what exactly is meant by the Supply Chain Management. Based on his material, it can be understood that supply chain management is a global network whose service coverage starts from raw materials to cash in order to provide valuable services of goods and services for consumers.


Providing material by Mr. Tenaka


The next stage is when he explained the 8 challenges to forming the perfect Supply Chain Management order including accuracy in the product, quantity, place, time, price, defect-free, clean invoice from manipulation, and quick payment. Mr. Tenaka coherently explained the link between the above challenges with the current competitive pressures where the current competition happens between supply chain against supply chain and stock against cash flow.

To deal with these challenges, people need to apply 4P Marketing Mix and combine it with customer focus efforts. According to Mr. Tenaka, customer focus is any coordination effort that maintains the delivery process of customer value. Not to forget, he also explained the factors that support the achievement of successful Supply Chain Management such as synchronized planning, innovation, execution, replication, and automation. As a conclusion, Mr. Tenaka and Mrs. Rina reaffirmed the vital role of the value chain in digital evolution and how do supply chain managers need to respond.

Then at the end of the lecture, Mr. Tenaka gave 10 tips in running a good supply chain management, including understanding customer needs, synchronization, collaboration, openness in the supply chain, utilization of information technology, and always trying to find innovative solutions. Furthermore, the session was filled with a Question and Answer session and discussion with the participants of the lecture who are mostly the Ubaya FBE postgraduate students.

Question and answer session


Monica Lorentia, one of the participants from the Class 53 MM, said that she is very happy with the material presented by Mr. Tenaka, the delivery was fun and easy to understand. So far, she thought that Supply Chain Management is an easy job, but after following this guest lecture, she realized that the problem is so complex and therefore requires a good logistics management.

Group photo at the end of lecture

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