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At the beginning of 2023, on Saturday, January 7, 2023, Leadership Club once again held a Charity event at Kasih Agape Orphanage. The event was opened with remarks from the event chairperson and representatives from the orphanage management. Considering the limited number of committees, the MC of the event was delivered alternately. After the opening, the MC greeted and got acquainted with the participants through an ice-breaking session. The event continued with Game 1, which was about general questions. In this game, the orphanage children responded enthusiastically to the questions asked. From the results of this game, it can also be seen that the orphanage children have good general knowledge. As a prize, every participant who could answer correctly was given a prize in the form of snacks. The next event was the activity of coloring pictures of the scenery that the committee had provided. The orphanage children, from toddlers to those who have gone to university, responded to this coloring activity event with great enthusiasm. This activity not only trains the imagination of the orphanage children but is also used as a bonding event between one another. This coloring activity was then continued with the selection and reading of the winners. The winner’s criteria were orphanage children considered to have good character by the orphanage caregivers and children with good coloring results. Finally, after finishing coloring, the committee distributed the refreshments to the orphanage children and took pictures together. Through this activity, the orphanage caregivers and children are very grateful and thankful for the blessings shared by the University of Surabaya through the Leadership Club. In addition, this activity also provided experience and insight to the committee involved to be grateful for every blessing received. It is hoped that the activity can increase awareness of tolerance, empathy, and sharing with others.

Figure 1. Gift-giving to the “Kasih Agape” Orphanage representative
Figure 2. Group Photo with the “Kasih Agape” Orphanage Children

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