Leadership Club Experience (LCXP) “Moving Together in Harmony””

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Successful leaders are leaders who can produce quality new leaders, so on this basis, the Leadership Club Experience (LCXP) event was held. This time, BPH LC 11 acts as the committee team that organizes training for BPH and LC 12 members. LCXP entitled “Moving Together in Harmony” was held on Saturday-Sunday, February 23-24 2019 at Ubaya Campus 3, Ubaya Training Center. Harmony is something that needs to be grown in an organization so that the goals of the organization can be achieved through the harmony of all elements in the organization, therefore the theme was chosen for this event.

After arriving at the bus parking area, participants were immediately given togetherness activities to carry their entire luggage by being tied together to train cohesiveness. Arriving at Welirang Hall, the event began with a brief opening by Mr. Bonnie Soeherman, S.E., M.Ak. as Head of Master of Accounting study program which was then combined with Session 1 entitled “Self Love Meditation” by Ms. Ariesa Diana, S.E. In this session, the participants were taught to love themselves. Loving yourself is important as a basis for being able to love other things. Not only material, but participants also meditated to be able to calm their minds more.

After lunch, the program continued with Session 2 entitled “Mindful Lover”. This material was given by Mr. Bonnie Soeherman, S.E., M.Ak. In this session, participants were taught how to build relationships, both with family, boyfriends, and others. Relations that are not harmonious are often caused by the ego of humans so that in building relationships must be more mindful. The way is to care more, accept the weaknesses and strengths of others, appreciate and tolerate. After the end of this session, the event continued with outbound activities carried out in a village behind UTC with various interesting games and through sufficient terrain of adrenaline and physical drainage.

After the exhausting outbound activities, Dr. Drs. Wiyono Pontjoharyo, M.M., Ak., CMA. Delivered Session 3 entitled “Great Leaders Create Harmony”. He emphasized that harmony cannot just arise, but must be created, cared for, and passed on to the next generation. A leader must be able to create harmony in his environment. The leader is not just a position, but how his role as a person has influence that leads the organization in a better direction. The session was closed with a group photo and BBQ session with satay, sweet meat ball, and angsle.

Sunday morning, participants woke up at six to take part in morning sports. Then followed by session 4 titled “Ikigai (Discovering the Purpose of Life in Japanese Style.” Ikigai is shaped by culture and civilization. Japan teaches well how Ikigai is applied in the lives of its citizens by being very civilized human beings. From Indonesian culture, we can learn from Semar, a legendary figure who teaches a civilized way of life, namely “Ojo Gumunan, Ojo Kagetan, Ojo Dumeh, Eling lan Waspada“.

Not ending there, the committee also brought in the President of LC Generation 5 who is currently also a lecturer in the Accounting Study Program at Ubaya FBE, namely Mr. Aris Surya Putra, S, E., M.Ak. He filled in Session 5 which addressed the topic “Professionalism”. Professionalism is built from the performance that exceeds expectations and work standards, mastering good communication, credibility, competence and good behavior. He also told how his experience of being an LC President, which began with the election with the gambling game Capsa. Although it looks ridiculous, his friends admit that Mr. Aris has all the aspects needed to become an LC President, especially in terms of professionalism. The end of the session marked the end of this series of LCXP events. Hopefully, BPH LC 12 and its staff members can build a harmonious organization to bring the Ubaya FBE Postgraduate Leadership Club even better.

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