Leadership Club Experience (LCXP) “WE ARE ONE”

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Group Photo after session II about unity

On August 18-19, precisely on Saturday and Sunday, Leadership Club 10 once again held an LCXP Event. This event aims to equip LC 11 successors so that later they can carry out LC tasks smoothly in this period. This time the LCXP took a big theme, namely unity with the title “WE ARE ONE”, this theme is expected to be the next generation of LC to become a leader who has a visionary spirit, kindness, and integrity so that they can become leaders who unite all its members. Starting from the first day at 7 a.m., the event was opened by the first session at the Tenggilis Ubaya campus by Dr. Werner Ria Murhadi, S.E., M.M., CSA which provided sessions on motivational competitions, strategic thinking, and discussion of competition cases. Moreover, the participants had been given a case in the group three days before so that when in class the participants can immediately present the case and continue with class discussions. After the first session ended, the participants were given a challenge by the committee, that is, each group had to bring their tofu with their hands and they need to keep the tofu until the last day, which would be a reflection for participants in keeping the tofu. Next, the event continued with the trip to Ubaya Training Center (UTC).

Arriving in UTC, the participants immediately took part in the activity by bringing their luggage bags tied together and being taken to the hall of the bus parking lot, of course, this made the participants closer to each other because they walked together closely while carrying friends’ bags. Next, the participants participated in outbound activities in the form of river flow activities followed by games in the river. The participants were very enthusiastic about the river flow guided by 3 people as a guide, participants and organizers conquered the river with laugh and happiness as well as and formed & tested the awareness here.

This river game makes the committee and the participants unite in hand to help each other. After completing the outbound, in the afternoon the participants were invited to assemble Gundam, this activity trained patience and cooperation. Participants who initially did not know anything about Gundam finally had to join in assembling the Gundam and they managed to assemble the Gundam properly.

LCXP-2Participants After carrying out river flow activities

In the evening, the event continued with a session from Drs. Wiyono Pontjoharyo, M.M., Ak. about achieving unity, when achieving unity people must complete and understand the ego, differences, have sincerity and responsibility. During the session, Mr. Pontjo emphasized 3 things, namely appreciating the moment now and thinking about what to achieve in the future, visionary and unity. Next followed by a night snack.

Group photo after one group managed to assemble the Gundam


On Sunday, the participants’ activities were opened with morning activities (stretching after waking up) and then entering the third session at 8:00 in the morning. The third session was delivered by Dr. Bonnie Soeherman, S.E., M.Ak where at this session he explained integrity. Leaders who have their Integrity must possess the following elements: first Honors namely pride and respect for the profession currently being undertaken, second Truthfulness which contains truth and honesty, third accountability that influences leaders must have a responsibility while the latter is an element of reliability where leaders can be relied upon to work together.

Next was the fourth session by Mr. Drs.ec. Sujoko Efferin, M.Com (Hons), MA, Ph.D., namely Meditation session where meditation uses a method that begins with breath meditation, then followed by eating meditation, participants are told to take food and eat with noiselessly absorbing with the awareness of what they eat is not too fast to chew that is certainly very good for the body’s metabolism, after that listening meditation that required participants to pair up and alternately listen to their friends for 30 minutes without us giving any comments, which is certainly very good because we often have to listen to our coworkers. The last meditation session was closed with a breath meditation.

The last session was given by Dr. Putu Anom M., S.E., M.M regarding communication skills, where this session is very important for debriefing the participants because communication is the main thing in an organization. How we can communicate well with our colleagues, superiors and face differences in age gap using good language. Furthermore, it was closed by the distribution of prizes and regarding the activities of carrying bags, tofu, Gundam, and outbound. given to the participants during LCXP.

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