Ubaya Master of Management and Master of Accounting Students is the Runner-up of Marketition 2015

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In 2015, Prasetya Business School Management Society held a competition called “Marketition”, an annual competition event in the marketing field. This event is targeted to Master of Management students nationwide. The theme this year is “Marketing on the national movie industry”. The movie title that is used to be a case is “40 days in Europe”, a movie produced by the 9 Sun Production House. Each participant was challenged to produce the best strategy to market the movie.

The event was participated by more than 50 teams nationwide and the 10 best teams qualified to final presentation in Jakarta after going through a selection process. 10 teams were chosen from Prasetya Mulya Business School Jakarta, PPM Jakarta, SBM ITB Bandung, UGM Yogyakarta, and the University of Surabaya. The final round took place on September 19th, 2015 in the Prasetya Mulya Business School 4thfloor Auditorium.

The final round took place in 2 rounds. In the first round, all teams were given the opportunity to present the strategies for 10 minutes. The Ubaya Master of Management is represented by “Journey” team which consists of Lim Maria Magdalena, Gabriella Delavin Halim, and Marco Ariano and gets a second turn to present their strategy. The Transmedia Storytelling strategy idea got a very good response from judges and other participants.

After the first round, only the 5 best teams qualified to the final round. The 5 finalists are Kaizen from PPM Jakarta, Journey from Ubaya, Anaconda from SBM ITB, CIA from PPM, and Prospective Aperture from Prasetya Mulya Business School. The selection of the 5 finalists was very tight. Each participant was given only 2 minutes for presentation and 13 minutes for a Question and Answer session. After going through this final round, the Journey team from Ubaya won the second place. The first place won by Kaizen team from PPM Jakarta, while the third place won by Prospective Aperture from Prasetya Mulya Business School.

Wish the Ubaya Master of Management program with outstanding achievements in the future!!!

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