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Master of Management study program at the University of Surabaya Faculty of Business and Economics (Ubaya FBE MM) is one of postgraduate programs (S2) in the management area (identical with business administration) held by Ubaya. The Ubaya Master of Management and Master of Law study programs received the official approval for operational on 16 October 1992 through the Minister of Education and Culture Decree No.435/DIKTI/Kep/1992. The official approval was the first accreditation series granted by the Department of Education and Culture to Private Universities (PTS) in Indonesia.


During the learning process, Ubaya FBE MM and MAKSI consistently empower the development of competencies especially soft skills and character through various program features such as Adinurani; Business English Communication Course; Business Visit; Entrepreneurship Sharing; Strategic Networking Forum; International Exchange Program; Professional Certification Programs and so on. The activities are supported by the Ubaya Postgraduate Program Alumni Forum which is a strategic partner for the MM and MAKSI study programs. For the latest information about available program features, please contact the study program.


The Master of Management (MM) – UBAYA study program offers the following 5 (five) concentrations: Creative Marketing, Investment Management, Human Capital Development, Logistics & Operations Management and Strategic Management.


Dr. Werner R. Murhadi, CSA

Finance & Investment,
Strategic Management & Feasibility Study

Dr Putu Anom Mahadwartha, CSA

Manajemen Keuangan;
Pasar Modal

Dr. Bonnie Soeherman, SE, MAk

Innovation Accounting & Business modelling,
Management Control Systems, Leadership


For registration and further information,

please contact :

Program MM-Maksi Gedung pascasarjana Lt.2

Jl. Raya Kalirungkut, Surabaya.

Telp. : 031-2981190

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