During the learning process, Ubaya FBE MM and MAKSI consistently empower the development of competencies especially soft skills and character through various program features such as Adinurani; Business English Communication Course; Business Visit; Entrepreneurship Sharing; Strategic Networking Forum; International Exchange Program; Professional Certification Programs and so on. The activities are supported by the Ubaya Postgraduate Program Alumni Forum which is a strategic partner for the MM and MAKSI study programs. For the latest information about available program features, please contact the study program.

Professional Certification

Related to professional certification programs, there are several types of certification program available for MM students. Some of the subjects on the MM study program can be converted to meet completion requirements of professional certification programs. Recently, there are some professional certification programs offered as follows:

      1. Certified Financial Planner (CFP ™): is embedded within the curriculum, with the requirement to take the Professional Financial Planner subject which is equivalent to the Module II, and can directly take the exam for Registered Financial Planner (RFP) title;
      2. Indonesia Certified Professional Marketer (ICPM);
      3. Investment Manager Representative (WMI);
      4. Mutual Funds Broker Representative (WAPERD);
      5. Stock Broker Representative (WPPE).
      6. Certified Security Analyst (CSA)

In general, the Ubaya FBE MM works with the Centre for Professional Development (CPD) to carry out the certification exam program for both Ubaya’s internal and external parties. For further information, please contact the Ubaya FBE CPD at the 2nd floor of Ubaya FBE EC building, phone: +62 31 298 1175, Fax: +62 31 298 1175, or email: cpdfbe@gmail.com)

Student Club

In order to enrich the learning experience that is in line with the Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan 2011-2018, the Ubaya FBE Postgraduate Program established a Leadership Club (LC) in 2011. The LC is Ubaya FBE MM & MAKSI’s student club that focuses on developing the leadership competencies of students. The study programs provide financial and institutional support for LC activities.

The LC Mission is to build leadership practices in a business that has a responsibility towards society and the environment based on innovative thinking in order to strengthen the company’s competitive advantage and the national economy in the long term. It is expected that the LC presence can raise student awareness so later after graduation they can be a good leadership role model in the society.

The LC activities include the implementation of:

  1. Discussion forums with prominent academics and business practitioners such as Leadership Summit, Business Gathering, Guest Lectures, Professional Etiquette Workshops and other;
  2. Articles/books writing: business cases and the solutions;
  3. Soft skill development through participation in various national and international competitions: Stock Simulation Competition, Case Analysis competition, and other;
  4. Partnership development with alumni and other similar clubs inside and outside Ubaya: Business visits to Tan Chong Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Alumni Gathering, and others.

Postgraduate Alumni Forum

The Ubaya FBE Postgraduate program alumni also formed a media to communicate and establish networking, through Postgraduate Program Alumni Forum (FAPUS). MM alumni are also FAPUS member. Most student activities conducted by the LC or by the study program are fully supported by FAPUS.


For registration and further information,

please contact :

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Jl. Raya Kalirungkut, Surabaya.

Telp. : 031-2981190

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