Master of Management study program at the University of Surabaya Faculty of Business and Economics (Ubaya FBE MM) is one of postgraduate programs (S2) in the management area (identical with business administration) held by Ubaya. The Ubaya Master of Management and Master of Law study programs received the official approval for operational on 16 October 1992 through the Minister of Education and Culture Decree No.435/DIKTI/Kep/1992. The official approval was the first accreditation series granted by the Department of Education and Culture to Private Universities (PTS) in Indonesia.

Ubaya was granted the approval along with 3 other private universities in Jakarta namely Universitas Trisakti Jakarta, Universitas Tarumanagara Jakarta, and Universitas Atma Jaya Jakarta. While the establishment of Ubaya as a university was formally authorized by the Djoko Supadmo, SH Notarial Deed no.25 dated 6 March 1968 with 3 pioneering faculties namely Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Law and Faculty of Economics where 11 March 1968 is determined as the birthday of Ubaya. 

The MM-UBAYA symbol consists of the UBAYA symbol, MM-UBAYA lettering, and the Vitae Probitas Veritatis motto.

The meaning of Vitae Probitas Veritatis is:

  • Vitae, taken from the Latin “Vita” that means Life;
  • Probitas, taken from Latin “Probitas” that means Honesty;
  • Veritatis, taken from Latin “Veritas” that means Truth.

Thus, the motto signifies that MM – UBAYA presents knowledge for life provision, based on the values of Truth and Honesty.


To become an excellent business school by emphasizing the development of professionalism and entrepreneurship, as well as an innovative and ethical leadership spirit in global competition.

Professionalism, entrepreneurship, and a spirit of leadership are the keywords of PS MM’s vision and will be based on innovative and ethical character. The need for professionalism in business and industry also needs to emphasize the importance of ethics. In addition, the entrepreneurial spirit has also become the focus of education because it is expected to be able to open new businesses and create jobs. In addition, business school graduates must also be inspirational and innovative leaders.


MM FBE Ubaya has a mission :

  1. Organizing Tridharma activities for all academics that support the formation of professionalism, entrepreneurship, and an innovative and ethical leadership spirit and provide benefits for improving the welfare of society, business, and industry.
  2.  To organize education in management based on the development and updating of specialization curricula that focus on current issues in the business and industrial world through content and learning methods; and
  3. Implement a mutually beneficial network of cooperation with stakeholders at home and abroad. 

        The mission statement differentiates the Ubaya FBE MM program with the similar program from other universities. Implementation of the differentiation as stated in the mission statement is reflected in the study program’s curriculum and learning process.
In general, description of the meaning of differentiation as stated on the ubaya FBE MM mission statement is the creation of excellence through :

  1.  Character and leadership empowerment with ethical personal integrity that is in line with professional competence;
  2.  An increase in sensitivity toward changes (sensitive-responsive);
  3.  An increase in strategic thinking ability and responsiveness towards changes (visionary, proactive-anticipative);
  4.  An increase in self-control, calmness, patience, and assertive (self-control, assertive);
  5.  An increase in the ability to work in teams and across cultures (global-local-multicultural);
  6.  An increase in the scientific communication ability, particularly writing skills in the context of professional competence (writing skills).

Goals and Target
Master of Management Study Program

The Ubaya FBE Management Master has ten strategic objectives which are part of the 2019-2026 strategic plan (Renstra). The annual strategic plan is carried out through the elaboration of the program’s main objectives. The seven strategic objectives of Ubaya MM FBE are :

  1. Continuous improvement of MM quality (Quality assurance & Continuous improvement).
  2. Development of an innovative curriculum and learning process (Innovative curriculum and learning process).
  3. Increasing the Competence of Lecturers & Education Personnel (Faculty members).
  4. Character development of students following MM values as responsible global citizens (character development and global citizenship).
  5. Increasing research and community service activities (Research and community development).
  6. Increased cooperation with the industrial business community and alumni (Partnership).
  7. Improving the image of the study program (Excellent Business School).

Competencies Of Graduaties

Main activities of the learning process are more prioritized on the activities in making students be more independent (student-centered learning) in order to prepare the students in carrying out life-long learning, while lecturers basically provide guidance, direction, and act as a facilitator and motivator. The learning process also reflects the program uniqueness in order to become a means of holistic learning (character as well as mastery education) for learners. Adinurani is one of the activities regularly carried out to instill the educational values ​​of Ubaya FBE MM, in addition to introducing the Vision and Mission as well as the achievement of learners’ competencies. As part of instilling the Ubaya FBE MM graduate uniqueness, then Adinurani is an obligatory requirement of Ubaya FBE MM students to graduate.

The program gives an academic degree in accordance with the applicable regulation titled: Master of Management (abbreviated to “MM”), which should be placed after the name of graduate and before the professional degree.

Having “Networking Among Smart Leader” as a tagline, then competencies as a business leader must be built for Ubaya FBE MM graduates and it is customized with the level 8 of Indonesian National Qualification Framework (KKNI) as an Expert in Attitudes and Values; Job Skills; Managerial Capability and Control Knowledge. Competencies of Ubaya FBE MM graduates are as follows:

  1. Competence to sustainably develop the knowledge related to management practices (continuous improvement);
  2. Competence to solve business and management problems by applying the management knowledge through the inter or multidisciplinary approach (problem solver);
  3. Competence to initiate, develop, and utilize networking in business and management (networking competence);
  4. Competence to behave in an ethical manner and possess leadership characters as a responsible global citizen (global citizenship);
  5. Competence to build, develop and maintain the business organizations to always proactive-adaptive towards rapid changes in the business environment;
  6. Competence to think innovatively (innovative thinking) and posses inspirational character when behaving in management and business practices.


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