Ubaya FBE MM received an “A” accreditation from BAN-PT

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logo-FBEThe process of preparing the reaccreditation documents began two years ago, precisely June 2013 with a process that continues until the end of May 2014. Then June 4th, 2014, the documents were submitted to National Accreditation Board-Higher Education (BAN-PT). Previous Ubaya FBE MM accreditation was B. The reaccreditation team worked very hard and was consistent to achieve the maximum quality of postgraduate education and always tried to fulfill the higher education quality standard set by the government. In the process of providing data, the reaccreditation team was fully supported by the Rectorate, Ubaya FBE Dean, lecturers, staffs, and Ubaya supporting units.

On December 5th-7th 2014, Ubaya FBE MM was visited by 2 BAN-PT assessors namely Dr. Indi Djastuti and Dr. Peni Sawitri. They are both assessors who have experience in performing accreditation for the postgraduate study program. The visitation went well, and we received a lot of useful inputs for the development of Ubaya FBE MM in the future. For that, we would like to thank Dr. Indi Djastuti and Dr. Peni Sawitri.

The Ubaya FBE MM reaccreditation result has been accepted by the university which received an “A” score. Hopefully, with this very satisfying result, Ubaya FBEE MM is progressing and always giving the best quality postgraduate education in Surabaya and Indonesia in general. Thanks to the hard-working of the team, Ubaya lecturers, faculty members, supporting units, students, Leadership Club leaders, alumni, and Ubaya FBE MM graduates who have given their best support for MM study program. Based on preliminary information on BAN-PT website, Ubaya FBE MM is the only private university (PTS) in East Java that is accredited A.

Wish all the Best Ubaya FBE MM!

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