MM Ubaya’s SINTA 3 Accreditation Journal

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Again MM Ubaya incised an achievement. This time, the MM Ubaya journal, namely “Journal Entrepreneurship & Business,” applied for its first accreditation and obtained excellent results by getting SINTA 3. This is a remarkable score because this journal was just launched in 2020, with the first issue in March 2020. Under the DIKTI provisions, a journal has the right to apply for accreditation through Arjuna (National Journal Accreditation) after making four publications. The accreditation validity period is until 2025, targeted to achieve SINTA 2 in the future.

For this reason, we invite lecturers/researchers or postgraduate students to submit their articles to the journal through the website:

Viva MM Ubaya.
Vitae Probitas Veritatis.

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