New BPH, New spirit! ⁣New BPH, New Journey!⁣

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Friends of Master of Management (MM) and Master of Accounting (Maksi), ⁣Leadership Club Governing Body (BPH LC) is back (17/01) with the tagline “Together We 13etter” consisting of:
President: Alvina Putri (MM 55)⁣
Internal VP: Aktiva (Maksi 20)⁣
External VP: Hayuning Purnama Dewi (MM 55)⁣
Secretary: Yovita (MM 55)⁣
Treasurer: Loa Hendra Budiono (MM 55)⁣
who have completed their term.⁣

Also, do not miss the inauguration of BPH LC 14, which has the tagline “Humanitar14n in Professionalism”. This inauguration includes;
⁣President: Mia Novinda (Maksi 21)
⁣Internal VP: Aprilia Pratiwi (Maksi 21) ⁣
External VP: Alvina Putri (MM 55) ⁣
Secretary: Grace Yuwono (MM 55) ⁣
Treasurer: Salmah Islamiyah (Maksi 20) ⁣

image 1.

Wish all the best for BPH LC 14 and hopefully be able to mingle the entire academic community of the Ubaya Faculty of Business and Economics Postgraduate programs professionally and wisely.

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